Friday, December 11, 2009

5 months!

Dmitri is five months old today! *insert overly emotional mom moment here*

He has changed quite a bit! Here is what he's up to...

- He sits completely unassisted (though he topples over occasionally)
- He grabs and chews everything in sight
- He has started having separation anxiety, and when mama is in the room, no one else will do. (If not me, then David is a pretty close 2nd).
-He laughs almost all the time

- He sleeps through the night about half the time, some nights he gets woken up by a noise and nurses to sleep.
-He takes two naps a day, about 45 minutes. Sometimes more, more often less.
- He is unbelievably active, and difficult to hold.
- He is shy in public!

What Dmitri enjoys...

-The Sound of Music soundtrack
-computer keyboards
-being tickled
-being tossed in the air

Current nicknames: little sugar monkey, our little parascope, our little submarine, mumpkin, little man

He is still exclusively breast fed, though it has become very difficult since he is very active, as well as quite the chomper. = / I have to frequently remind myself that I'm doing what's best for him, to stay positive, and to keep at it! I have to throw away the peaceful visions of breast feeding, as its much more like wrestling an alligator.

He is our little prince charming. We have so much fun with him and are enjoying watching him grow.

We love you, Dmitri! Can't wait to see what you do next!


Mandi Miller said...

He is sooo precious!!

Unknown said...

What fun! Love the coat. Can't wait to see the little man ourselves. Hope you'all are holding up ok. Know it will soon come to pass. Congrats on the lease extension!

Danny and Beckie

Chuck Singletary said...

I see the GATOR orange and blue. GO GATORS