Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Sex Prediction: Old Wives Tales

I have my ultrasound tomorrow morning to search for a penis! Which means today is the last day that I can make any sort-of unbiased guesses as to what jelly bean # 2 might be...I think its just too funny to look at old wives tales that supposedly predict whether its a boy or a girl. I wonder whether there is really something to them, or if they are just random myths. [Mythbusters pregnancy edition? hmmm!] Here are a few of them that I found interesting...

Am I carrying the baby high or low?
High = girl
Low = boy

I feel like at this point it is too early to say...but, I feel like the baby is really low.

Is the heartbeat above or below 140 bpm?
+140 bpm = girl
>140 bpm = boy

At my last appointment, the baby's heart rate was 154 bpm.

Did I have morning sickness at the beginning of the pregnancy or later in the pregnancy?
Beginning - Girl
Later - Boy

I started having morning sickness as soon as I found out I was pregnant

What am I craving?
Sweet = girl
Salty = boy

I am always craving sweets. I'm pretty sure I was born craving sweets! BUT, this pregnancy, I have definitely been craving salt! Like ramen...eww!

According to the Mayans, if the age of the mother at conception and the year of conception are both even or both odd, it's a girl. However, if one is even and one is odd, it's a boy.

They are both even. Because of my birthday - they will almost always be even or odd. Hmm...

Break outs can supposedly be blamed on girl babies.

I have been breaking out a little more than normal.

According to the Chinese Gender Chart...


So the final tally...

Boy - 2
Girl - 5

Now for guessing...

I think its another boy. David thinks its a girl.

What do you think? According to your votes so far...

Girl - 11 votes   Boy - 5 votes

Feel free to take a guess!

We will be making "the announcement" Thanksgiving weekend.

Have you heard any Old Wives Tales about sex prediction? Any guesses as to where they came from?


coolkids said...

interesting. I find the morning sickness interesting b/c I did get it right away with my daughter and it was a little bit later with my son. My question for you is....can you drink coffee or think about drinking coffee?
With my daughter I couldn't even smell coffee. There was no way I could drink it with caffine or without. When I was pg with my son I did want coffee. I could defintely drink it.
How is this pregnancy different then your first?

Rachel and John said...

I just posted last week 21 old wives tales. I had mostly girl as well. I vote girl because of the morning sickness.

paisley penguin said...

My vote is totally a girl! :)

Christin@Pregnant with power tools said...

I'm guessing boy... I thought I was having a girl late last year - I had another boy! Can't wait to find out! Are you gonna share?

ChRiS said...

something bout the rear end but was 33 yrs ago so i forget.....but the lady that told me it guessed a boy and thats what i had!!! i just hope what ever you have is healthy

Curly-T said...

My husband always guesses by heartrates, and since I've known him, he's always been right! I don't know what his "cut off" rate for high or low is, but I'll ask him about yours tonight!
As far as my predictions went - I was too short to carry my 2 anywhere but the middle, I wanted fruit with my girl and lots of dairy with my boy (with this baby I just don't want greasy, but no particular craving), LOTS more breakouts with my girl than boy, and I was 25 when my '07 baby girl was born (could've conceived LATE 06 when I was 24) and I was 25 when my '09 baby boy was born (conceived at age 25 in '08).
Good luck at the viewing!

Katie Olthoff said...

I'm terrible at this. My gut says girl. So it's probably a boy.

I was convinced Adam was a girl. Obviously not.

Was hopeful and kind of thought this one was a girl, but scared to believe my gut feeling again. Good thing, because I found out today it's a BOY!

Good luck tomorrow! Be sure to link up Thursday and if you know any other pregnant bloggers, spread the word. I'd like to get a bigger group going.

CourtneyKeb said...

[sorry didn't mean to internet yell at you]

haha, I'm a little impatient, I know.

Momma Rhyne said...

In early ultrasounds you can sometimes see a nub. If it's flat or points down, it's a girl. If it points up, it's a boy. I say, from that pic, it's all girl. :-D

Tara said...

my mother in law did the dangle the ring from a thread thing and said I was having a girl and my sister in law a boy...and she was right! Lucky guess I think. It's 50/50. Excited for you!!!

Jillian said...

I think it's a girl! Have tomorrow! How exciting =)

Vanessa said...

I looked at all those things too... and I can't remember if any of them were right for me! ;-) But I'll tell you that my pregnancies were polar opposites and people SWORE I was having a boy the second time, and as you may recall -- I have two girls! ;-)

Kim said...

I researched and found that WHEN you conceive in the "conception window" can influence gender.

Early in window = boy

Late in window = girl

It had something to do with girl and boy sperm. Not sure how scientific it all is but basically girl sperm are slower but hardier. Boy sperm are faster but have a shorter life span. Might be coincidence but it worked with both my kids. Girl the first time ... boy the second.

Kim said...

I forgot to wish you luck! I know how exciting it is to find out the sex of that little bean. Oh the planning you'll get to do now!!

Sheena said...

It is so exciting that you find out soon (or did you already at the time of my comment?). Anyway... I would hope you are having a girl because you already have a boy but as long as the baby (and you!) are healthy - that is all that matters.

A friend's mom did the thread tied to a pin that was stuck into the eraser of a pencil trick on me. Depending what direction the pencil swings it will determine boy or girl - and they did that test on me when I was maybe 16! I haven't had kids yet but we will see if it works out. It also is supposed to determine the order in which you will have kids. At the time I was dating said friend and ours didn't match up..... (yeah is supposedly works on men too) and needless to say, we didn't end up together. All this talking about the test makes me want to try it again on me and my husband just for kicks. :)

Also, I love love love your blog.

Samantha said...

Most helpful. It seems the baby is most definitely either going to be a boy or a girl.

Sanity Fair said...

lol. Heck - let's say "boy" - I'm for the underdog. Congrats!

Mrs.Sanders said...

I lived up to ALL the old wives tales! not that I believe in them. But I swore I was having a girl the first time and a boy the second! WRONG, both times!!

I think you are having a girl! either way it will be fun and exciting! I am sitting on the edge of my seat waiting to find out! ;)

Camila said...

My Mum always tells me one that sounds a little mean, but supposedly always worked , including comparing her three pregnancies (1 girl, and 2 boys).
the story is: if the woman looks prettier than she is, its a boy. if the woman looks "uglier" its a girl.
this doenst relate to fat , but to skin hair and looks. very subjective but from the photos, in my pregnancy my mum looked uglier than in my brother´s ones. Regards from Brazil.