Thursday, March 28, 2013


9 months is quickly approaching, and I have been satisfying my nesting urges with the little things that really make a difference in making my home feel a little bit more together. No stunning before and afters, just subtle changes that make me smile- when I hang up my towel or turn on the fan (even on these cool Spring days). And feeling just a little bit more together and organized is exactly what I crave when I'm carrying around an extra 40 lbs. and can barely bend over to pick up all of the toys scattered on the floor, and I'm slightly overwhelmed by throwing a third little one that is completely dependent on me for it's survival into the whirling dervish that is our daily life.

Snapshots of the small things:

New hooks in the bathroom 

 A hanging fruit basket to free up counter space.

I frosted our bathroom windows for privacy.

Musical light fixtures. We moved this fan from the playroom.

The fan that was previously in the sunroom. 

 But really, all of the switching was so this beauty can hang in our playroom.

Birthing supplies arrived today! 

It's getting closer!
We are still going to try to work in another big project or two (like fencing our yard!!) I am hoping to have a full playroom reveal soon. And I'm working on setting up my own photography website too. It's nice to have new things to get excited about and look forward to...I need that right now.


Cheryl @ Living Design said...

Wow, love the new fixture in the playroom! Can't wait to see the changes in there!

Mama Gone Green said...

I can't believe how motivated you are right now! I am so excited for you and your soon-to-be!!

Emily said...

Where is the produce basket from? I need one for my kitchen!

Unknown said...

No seriously I have been looking for a basket forever! Where did you find that?