Friday, August 2, 2013

Friday Links, Thoughts, and Reads.

 A shot from my friend's beautiful home that I got to photograph.

 Eleanor and I a few weeks ago.
folding laundry this past week - it makes me cry too.

Happy Friday! 

We have spent the last week and a half in the house, fighting off a little army of illnesses. We are left with lingering colds, but are mostly feeling much better.

Recent links, thoughts, and reads:

-How to Talk to Your Daughter About Her Body Really, everyone should read this.
-I am wrapping up this book, it might be my favorite parenting book yet. Truly life-changing.
-An ever-changing book list for the boys and I this fall: Pre-School Reading List. We are starting with the theme, "the earth" -dirt, rocks, insects, compost, earthworms... I am letting Dmitri's interests guide our informal pre-school: little hands-on projects and lots of books. Two things we both love.
-A couple of weeks ago, I shot the interior of a friend's home- the first time I've photographed someone else's house. They are getting ready to move to the UK and wanted to remember their first home. It was so much fun.
-I wish I had had Kelly William Brown's book (Adulting) 7 years ago, when I moved out of the house. I might still buy it for my husband (passive-aggressive, and I know it). I'm eating up her blog. Practical and funny. What's not to love.
-Massive de-cluttering is happening now. In theory, I am a minimalist. My house says otherwise.
-It's officially August, which means David and I re-evaluated our budget. We are instating the envelope-system. We also did a time budget...if only we could stick minutes in envelopes.
-August also means David starts his Ph. D in a week. I still have one more week to talk him out of it....but not really. Good luck, dear and cheers to the next 5 years!
-Those three little humans and I are off to play.


Unknown said...

Love the wild flowers!

Caroline, I started following your blog recently and it's inspiring seeing you handle everything so well. Wish you the best! keep up the great inspirational posts!

Unknown said...

Love the wild flowers in your friends home! I must say your baby is adorable!

Caroline I love reading your inspiring posts! i recently started following your blog, and i feel like i already know you!

p.s. Good luck with the laundry folding!