Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Going Green.

As I was leaving to go to work today, I discovered the alternator in our car was broken...with about fifteen minutes to be at work (it's a little more than a mile). So I grabbed my running shoes and made it there in 13 minutes. Not bad considering a lot of it is uphill. That's not much compared to the four miles that David walked to get home from the auto shop..only to realize he left the house key in the car, so he scaled the balcony to get inside.

Unfortunately, the alternator cost us our life savings. Ok, so I exaggerate...but that's what it felt like. We should have the Saab by tomorrow.

We are enjoying UGA and we both absolutely love Athens. It's such a charming town, yet so alive! It's great to be able to walk anywhere if we must. That's something that I've never experienced anywhere that I've lived.

Classes are great thus far. I kept the same classes with the exception of changing my Physics 1111 class and lab for a Horticulture/Plant Biology class. I have decided to become a witch doctor when I "grow up." Just kidding...but seriously, our textbook is "Encyclopedia of Herbal Medicine." How nifty is that?

That's all for now.
Caroline Singletary Parker

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