Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Work, School, Etc.

I worked until 6:15 today, got to spend about 20 minutes with my husband, and now he's at work until 10 or 11 pm. It's the first time that I've been home alone in our apartment in Athens. I've never noticed the clock ticking so loudly before.

I'm preparing my class schedule for Orientation tomorrow. We are preparing to start school on Monday. Yesterday we did the back-to-school shopping spree, as if we were lemurs. I remember how fun it used to be to pick out folders with cute kittens on it, and pencils decorated with my favorite cartoon character. It's just not the same anymore; though David and I had a great time arguing (playfully of course) over who could get the red back pack. That brings back memories. And for the record, we both got the red back pack, which I'm sure will help our stigma as the weird married couple who takes classes together, have the same back pack, same planner, same notebook, and obviously, live together.

One thing that is very different from Kennesaw, UGA is such a large campus that when you register for classes, it lets you know if your classes are further than 15 minutes away from each other...that's over a mile between classes! Luckily, it looks like my three back-to-back classes are in three buildings that are in the same cul-de-sac. I'll finalize that tomorrow at Orientation.

Anyways, unless you find the details of my very specific laundry regimen interesting or want the recipe for homemade vodka sauce, I have run out of things to type for now.

Keep in touch, write me some comments, and love people!
~Caroline Singletary Parker


Anonymous said...

It's very interesting to me to hear about other colleges. Berry is so small, it was a fifteen minute walk from where I used to live to my classes, and that was FAR. Now it's like a 5-10 minute walk at most.
Keep us all updated with regular posts on this blog; I'll be checking like EVERY DAY. Y'all's own personal stalker. ;)

Cheers <3 Jen

Anonymous said...

I'm one of those couple-phobes, so I probably would sit on the opposite side from you and your pushed-together desks, taking turns writing. :D I'm sure you'll have fun though.