Friday, April 3, 2009

The Wrap Up

Just a short update:

I'm entering my third trimester...where has this pregnancy gone? We are going to have a kicking screaming bundle of joy before we know it! As delivery gets closer, sometimes I feel more ready, and other times I feel I'm completely unprepared. I'm definitely ready to not be pregnant anymore! But the implications that come with that are exciting, but also overwhelming!

David and I are in the final stretch of school before finals. Only four weeks left! We are both ready for this semester to be over; though we've loved all of our classes and professors this semester (how rare!).

David will be working at Helix this summer, in addition to Starbucks. This was just what we needed to help alleviate some of the financial pressure with me not being able to work at the very end of the pregnancy and after Dmitri's arrival. We are incredibly excited that that worked out!

We have also started house-hunting a little. We'll see where that goes, just something that's brewing!

Ana is well- as giant and rambunctious as ever. = )

Hope all is well!

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