Tuesday, July 21, 2009

10 Days Old

Wow! Dmitri is 10 days old.

David and I are loving being parents! It's been so much better than either of us ever could have expected or hoped for. It's amazing how this tiny little being already acts like his father! It's pretty cute, but a little scary. They even sleep in the same positions.

We are so blessed to have a happy, healthy baby. He had already gained back all of the weight he had lost since birth at his four day old check up! He was a little jaundice, but it is much better now. He's growing like a weed, and its crazy how much he changes every day. What an adventure to get to learn something new about him each day!

Thus far he is a very content baby. He rarely cries, and he sleeps well at night. (Sure beats being pregnant. I got up 5-8 times a night. Now we are down to 2, occasionally 3! I'm getting so much more sleep.)

Breast feeding is going well. Though I'm still trying to figure out the leaking thing...hopefully that will get better? = / Hmm...

Right now he is sleeping in the Moby wrap - he's my little kangeroo.

Ana is finally starting to adjust to having the little monster in the house. At first she had a little bit of jealous only child syndrome. We know as Dmitri gets bigger (and she realizes she can play with him!) that she'll love having him around. Today she is visiting Tina (our AMAZING dog trainer) so that we can have a little break, and so can she!

Time flies...and we are trying to enjoy every second.

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