Saturday, August 1, 2009

David's Surgery

We are back from our trip to Tennessee! (We were there Monday-Friday).

We went so that David could have his wisdom teeth removed on Monday. (The procedure was significantly less expensive in Tennessee, and I needed all the help I could get between taking care of an 80 lbs. dog, a three-week old baby, and an incapacitated husband!) While no one finds this procedure pleasant, we had thought that it would be no big deal! On the contrary, we found out during the consultation that the roots of his wisdom teeth had grown into the nerves surrounding it. The surgeon was obviously not very happy about this and told us that David should have had the procedure done three or four years ago, and now he faced a good chance of having permanent nerve damage in his lip and jaw. The recovery time would also be much longer than the average because the procedure was more complicated.

The surgery went pretty well- of course lots of pain and swelling. But as the anesthesia wore off, there was a more concerning problem. David's bottom right lip, chin, and teeth remained numb. We continued to hope that it would go away but as of today, it's the same. It causes a lot of sensitivity and burning sensations that are very uncomfortable for him.

The surgeon said that there is a chance it could return in the next 3-6 months. We are hoping for the best!

David (and I, as well) is upset about it, as he should be. It would be pretty sad for him to have to deal with this permanently! Keep us in your thoughts.

I will leave you with a humorous conversation that happened right after the surgery when he was under anesthesia (he claims to not remember it!)

David touches his face and mumbles: How's my swelling?
I respond jokingly: Oh, not bad at all! I mean, you've always had a double chin.
To which he flipped me off and said: Yeah, and you've always been a bitch, haven't you.

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