Friday, December 4, 2009

In the mean time, in-between times

I feel like we are at such a strange time right now, in so many ways.

We are still waiting for hear back on the house. We have heard some feedback, but nothing definite..and  nothing indicative of when we could close. We have to be out of our apartment in...27 days. Oh my. We haven't really thought about "Plan B" yet, and we really don't want to.. we have been pretty patient, but now I'm not sure what to think or do.

We are finished with classes...! Which is so exciting, but not really, because finals are next week. I have a paper due Monday, and then we both have finals on Friday. Which, reminds me. I mentioned to my professor having to get a babysitter for finals, and she offered to babysit. Is that crazy, or what? She's a very special person, to say the least. 

And then, it's the Advent season. I have not decorated, because we are supposed to be it doesn't actually feel like Christmas. Hmph. I am planning on manipulating convincing David to get a tree on Christmas Eve for a ridiculously cheap price, and putting popcorn and cranberries on it. = )

I finished my first PAID design project this past week. It felt so good. And I was very happy with how my work turned out. I really hope that my client will be just as pleased!

I went to my adviser this past week, and we worked on a plan for the rest of my life. Or at least, for several years...I could potentially graduate in May of 2011, though it might not be until August..or December...depending on a lot of things, such as traveling, and babies. Maybe.

It's hit me pretty hard to know that I'm a fourth year now. (Note, not a senior..haha.) When I started at KSU three years ago, I never could have predicted where I'd be now, and I'm sure the same holds true for the next three years. But I feel like I have no stronger grasp on my career than I did three years ago..I'm going to graduate (relatively) soon, and then what? This is not to say that I'm dream-less, quite the opposite.

Which is the entrance into a never-ending pit lined with daggers and wriggling with snakes: that is the discussion of stay-at-home moms, working moms, and everything in between. I can be controversial, but I'm not even going to go there. I don't want to judge either position.

We have several long-term plans that are up-in-the-air right now, as well..but I don't want to overwhelm you. ; )

So in the mean time, I should go work on my paper and breath a little.

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Mandi Miller said...

Wow! Sounds like a whole lot going on! Hopefully you will hear something on the house soon. It doesn't really feel like Christmas here either. With Maddy's party tomorrow Sean and I feel like Christmas is months away. We don't have any decorations up yet. Congrats on graduating soon! I am sure whatever you decide will be great for your family. I love staying at home but I have friends who work (not that staying at home isn't work but you know what I mean) and they are wonderful moms.

Thanks for the encouragement about Maddy's party... I am feeling better about it... maybe. :-)