Sunday, January 31, 2010


A lot of "new" has surfaced in the past couple days...

-I'm helping start a student organization to provide resources unique to students who are also parents! There is very little support for those who are trying to balance school, children, work, etc.There is a bitter ravine between the Sorority girls who have their dads paying for everything, who are worried about what they are going to wear to go downtown on a Tuesday night, and students who are taking care of children while trying to study and work! It's hard! I am really hoping to help provide community for those in similar situations.

-We had a photo shoot with a local artist for some of his work. That was pretty crazy. I felt semi-special. And then I had to sign away the rights to my soul. So, I might end up on a billboard half-naked somewhere. But let's hope not.

-I am going to be interning with the Athens Midwives this summer!

-David is hoping to be leader of the Philosophy Club on campus, which is in need of new leadership. He is scheming plans to grow the membership and make philosophy "fun." Uhhh, good luck with that.

I'm still scheming on our house, which we still have not set a closing date. I'm hoping to post some more Inspiration boards for different rooms this week!


Donatella said...

Very cute!

S. L. said...

ok... are you my long lost clone? I have 3 kids... all done naturally with midwives... I am the wife of a student and WE are desperately trying to balance doing the student thing with the kid thing! I love to decorate, dabble in photography, have a deco blog....
we have so much in common in creepy :)
oh... and I LOOOOOOVE your theme that you are going with! so original! and that pillow is to die for!

Sarah Ring said...

I am very interested in natural child birth, mid-wives, etc. and so glad you commented on my blog so I can read more! Hubby and I are not getting pregnant anytime soon, but I look forward to reading about your experiences in preparation for mine in the future. All of your upcoming adventures sound incredible! Best of luck!