Sunday, January 17, 2010

Can I be honest for a minute?

I'm having a being-a-mom-royally-sucks day. Which is snowballing into a think-of-everything-that-has-ever-gone-wrong-in-life kind of day.

Dmitri is sick, but I don't really know what's wrong. He has been running a fever of 102, and he wakes up crying. I've decided it's either a tooth coming in, or an ear infection. But enough about him, remember, this is Caroline's mopey monologue!

So, I am supposed to be going to a bridal shower for a friend today. She just happens to be one of the coolest ladies (click for her Etsy site) ever. I actually designed the invitations for her shower. It was pretty funny to receive one of my own creations in the mail!

But, I digress. I was a little peeved that I would have to bring Dmitri to begin with because David is working...but now, he's sick, fussy, and demanding to nurse and sleep constantly, and I obviously don't want to ruin her bridal shower (Which is Mad Men themed!) And I had bought the cutest mod dress. Instead, I am sitting in my sweatshirt on the couch with sleeping Dmitri in my arms, dreaming of the day when I can actually do things with friends, and wear dresses every day, and eat all the cheese in the world (Dmitri is lactose intolerant), and drink a lot of red wine with the aforementioned cheese...

But until then, I will continue to write on this blog about all the things I wish I were doing sometimes.

At least, Dmitri is adorable, sweet, and quite snuggley.


Janski said...

It ends well! ;-)

The Parker's said...

So sorry he doesn't feel well. Hope it passes soon and can go out and do fashionable things once again!

Leen said...

It will get better, promise!!

Hope you and your little guy feel much better soon!

Mandi Miller said...

Aww... I hope he gets better soon. And as he gets older you'll be able to do more stuff!

Suzana said...

If he's lactose intolerant, does that mean you can't eat any dairy while nursing him?
And how did you find out he was lactose intolerant?

Sorry... I'm just so intrigued. I'd have never imagined allergies or intolerances could get passed on so easily (through breast milk).