Friday, January 8, 2010


It's been over a week since the start of the new year, and I feel safe enough to share some of my goals for the 2010. I find that I need more than a day or two to ponder the changes that I would like to see in myself and our family. I view it as a time for introspection, not another opportunity to make hasty resolutions, such as being chaste or giving up chocolate...(because we know that's not realistic).

So, here are some "guidelines" (how relativist of me) that we are implementing:

1. Limit eating-out to once a week. The practical way to make this happen: PLAN meals. If I plan out all the meals for the week before I go grocery shopping, it simplifies life in so many ways. And frankly, my meals are pretty kick-ass compared to most restaurants. It's just a matter of getting my booty in the kitchen.

2. Limit TV-watching in the evenings. David and I regularly watch about 8 TV shows, and are up to date on every season, as in, have not missed a quarter of a second of any of our regulars. Occasionally, we go on marathons, and put TBS to shame. We are cutting down, and broadening our leisure activities. Over Christmas break, we didn't watch a single TV show, aside from two Christmas movies. It was a Christmas miracle, for sure.

3. Read more. Period.

4. Cut down on grocery bills. I've done this in part by shopping around, as opposed to buying all of our food at one store. It's hard to keep to a budget when we buy about 90% organic, and only whole grain, non-processed foods. (What I like to think of as, "real" food.) But by shopping around, I have cut down our grocery bill by $40-$70 per bill! It takes a bit more time and effort, but think how many hours of work that savings adds up to!

Things we would like to come to pass this year:

-New recipes!
-Start a garden this spring
-Learn new home improvement techniques (specifically, tiling?!)
-Move into our new house!
-Lots of renovations (Can't wait to share!)
-Keep school on track

What are you excited about this year? Any resolutions or goals? Any big events planned?


Anonymous said...

I love you guys. Your goals are both practical and lovely, it's so refreshing to see.

Reese said...

Hey there. Just came across your blog and I.LOVE.IT! Number 1 and 4 are on my "list" this year and it's been working wonderfully so far! (especially #1) I hope it's working well for you too!