Monday, January 11, 2010

Six Months Old

Has half a year really passed since Dmitri's birth? Every time I get a cramp (which is more often than I've been used to in a while), I am instantly thrown back to the morning of July 11th, and think, "Could I be in labor?"

However, he is here and is changing and growing. He is no longer a slothful newborn, but a mobile crawler. While he is not quite adept at crawling forward, he can make it around the room backward. I think he would make more progress if he'd realize that he doesn't have to stand on his feet to do it...but it's completely adorable to see him bear crawl.

He chews on almost any food that we eat, though nothing substantial except for munching purposes. Last time we weighed him, a few weeks ago, he weighed about 18 lbs. He is wearing some 9-12 months and some 12-18 months, now. I've had to pack up all the newborn clothes, which of course makes me tear up (just a little).

We think that his eyes are staying blue which was a pretty lucky break for us, considering there was only a 30% chance of this! He appears to be left-handed, though he is quite dexterous with both hands. (The odds were in his favor on that one, however. My family rings in at about 50% left-handed, far more than the average 10%). This could change, but that seems to be the case as of now.

He is full of giggles, smiles, and cuddles, and is the happiest little guy we've ever seen. He has earned the moniker of "Bam-Bam." And it describes his behavior quite well; he loves to hit anything!  

He is also quite the artist, as the following picture attests to...

After attempting to eat an ink pen

We are living and loving every minute with him. He has truly changed our lives for the better!


Sheena Louise Roetman said...

18 lbs?! The 18 month old girl I nanny for weighs 18.5 lbs!

Caroline @ The Feminist Housewife said...

Wow! Yeah, he's a chunk. Breast feeding definitely helps. He started out pretty small! Only 6 lbs. 12 oz!