Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Smokey Mountains

After our tiring trip to DC, we picked up Ana in Athens and headed straight to North Carolina, followed by Tennessee, to spend time with my family and celebrate the holidays with them! We barely made it to North Carolina before a short, but heavy snow overtook the area! It was Dmitri's first snow! I don't really think he noticed, just like all of his other big "firsts," but I thought it was fun. ; ) Just something else to add to the scrapbook and talk about when he's older, as if he is supposed to remember. (I can already hear him saying, "Gosh, Mom.")

We had a wonderful time visiting and relaxing. It was a much-needed deep breath after our sprints of traveling.

At the spot where we got MARRIED on June 28th, 2008. It was foggier than our wedding day! (see banner at the top for other moments at this special spot!)

On the way home from our trip, David and I had to say a very sad goodbye to our first baby, Ana. We have found on a new home for her, where we hope she can run to her heart's content and be loved and enjoyed! While we feel like we did what's best for her, we are both incredibly sad and our home feels very empty without her. She brought so much life and energy to our cozy apartment; it really isn't the same without her.

However, the morning after we got home, we received some BIG news! I cannot wait to tell all about it! = ) (oooOOooo, suspense!)

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