Wednesday, March 10, 2010

The "D" Word

 We spent part of our Spring Break in the mountains, which started this terrible train of thought, which might ominously be derailed and cause an explosion.

After our thoroughly traumatizing experience with having an 80 lb. high energy, playful, easily bored, and destructive, small-bladdered puppy in our 700 square foot apartment, while pregnant, David and I never thought we would want another dog again.

We loved her so much, nearly unconditional, considering all of the "punishments" she inflicted upon us when we failed to give her the attention she demanded, including, but not limited to destroying:

-30 pairs of shoes
-40 pair of underwear from Victoria's Secret
-a screen door
-a sofa
-a comforter
-dozens of hangers
-countless socks
-3 laundry baskets
-2 shower curtains
-4 bathroom and kitchen rugs
-a bookshelf
-4 pairs of $100+ jeans

Yes, it was bad. And we were very, very, stupid. And ill-prepared. And un-educated. And well-intentioned.

But, we loved her, she was a complete sweet heart, the most happy and loving dog, and never met a stranger.

However, this past weekend, we met the sweetest, calmest, prettiest English Springer Spaniel. Dmitri absolutely loved and adored it, of course. As did we.

So, the seed was planted that maybe one day, we do want another dog.

And this time, we will do our research, and take obedience classes from the beginning, and know what we are getting into, and NOT be pregnant.

Do you have a pet that terrorizes you or is he/she your best friend? Did you grow up with a dog that you have fond memories of? Or would you rather not clean up poop and throw up at 3 AM?

Have you ever regretted a decision to get a pet? 


CourtneyKeb said...

I have a 65 lb Labradoodle who was bad as you know what as a puppy. She is 2 and a half now and is the best barky sister to my 13 month old daughter.

I've wanted another dog since my Labradoodle Gracie turned 1. I just feel like dogs do best socializing with other dogs.

My husband won't let me get another one though for 2 reasons:
Gracie sheds like a maniac (even though she was bred to NOT shed)
theres no more room in our queen size bed (yes we were very very stupid and let our dog sleep with us and theres no kicking her out now) .

BUT for the record, I'm totally a dog lover, grew up with multiple dogs, and I always think its best for them to be able to socialize and play with other dogs.

:) Good luck!!

KiraAJ said...

UGH! Wow ur pup punished u guys good! Ive never been a dog person never had a dog growing up...always been cats..And for some STUPID reason i wanted a dog....i dont know why...i really had NO idea what to expect..and in the begining i never wanted another dog ever ever that our rescued Australia Blue Heeler has grown up a lil bit things have been better!..And one day i "might" consider another dog..but we will get it as a band new puppy not a toddler aged dog who punished us for the bad treatment he was given when his old family threw him away...
:) love LOVE the family pic darl u guys look like a gorgeous family!

Unknown said...

My pets wake me up all night long. I would say more than a six month old. If I lock the cat in the basement she will pee on the couch. If I close the bedroom doors she will scratch for hours. My house is covered in pet fur. I love them but one is enough. I'd wait a long while if I were you.

Unknown said...

I love my dogs! They can be messy though! I came home yesterday to find that one of them had vomited ON MY COUCH! LoL
oh well....nothing I couldn't scrub out. And lysol.

Unknown said...

I had dogs growing up and they were great. They were just "mutts" but we adored them. Hubby is allergic to dog and cat hair, so no fur babies in our home. But, our daughter and SIL will be getting a puppy when they move into their new home. They are really excited! Personally, I'd prefer a grandbaby over a grandpuppy, but beggers can't be choosers!


Mandi Miller said...

I want a dog so bad but Sean is NOT into it at all! He is not an animal person. He likes them... he just doesn't want one. One day though I will get him to cave.


I love my puppies-both rescued. One on purpose, and the other by lucky fate. 2 dogs is the least we have had in our marriage. I have never regretted the dogs. I have often gotten nuts over the energy and goofiness but now that my 2 dogs are over a year old they are 99.9% joy.

Vanessa said...

I always had cats. I miss having a cat. But The Husband is definitely a dog person, so we have a really sweet Yorkie. The Husband and the girls love her like family, I love her like a pet. She's a really good dog, though, and she makes them very happy so that's all that matters!

Arianna Belle said...

We weren't really planning to get a dog b/c we knew it was a significant commitment we werent sure we were ready for, but while browsing petfinder we stumbled upon the cutest maltipoo up for adoption. We went to see him that very same day. He was so incredibly cute (he was like 1 lb and had a little tongue that stuck out) and we completely fell in love with him that we immediately decided to apply for adoption. Shortly thereafter we took him home. He's been a challenge (we've had a hard time potty training him) and he's been a much larger financial committment than we expected (he got the parvo virus and had to be hospitalized), but we definitely don't regret adopting him. We feel lucky to have him be part of our lives because he's so incredibly lovable and brings so much joy to our entire family :)

brokeintrovert said...

I've tried to rehabilitate some doggies from the pound in my lifetime without success. The only dog that I've ever had success with came to us without too many problems because she was given to me by my sister. She doesn't bark a lot, she's potty-trained and her disposition is wonderful. Right now, I have another dog...a Dobie Mix from the APL. He's friendly, but a strong bundle of energy. Yesterday, he accidently hit me under my eye with his paw. This area under my eye still hurts. As I'm writing this...he's running up and down the basement stairs crying and whining. I'm going into work today, and I don't want to deal with him while getting dressed. He's only good when my husband comes home. And my daughter loves him...he's her dog. He was a reward for good behavior at school. It's been a punishment for me. Yes, I regret saying "YES". I probably will not have another dog in my lifetime since the Pom has ruined it for me. She's so well-behaved that I think all dogs can be like her. Her hair is the only problem we have with her.

Christina said...

i have two rescue dogs that have destroyed countless things and given me many a headache but i wouldn't take it back for the world. them make smile and that's is something to not be taken for granted.

Kristy said...

This is coming from a dog person, but...

If you can get a dog (especially one that's already had some training) when they're at least a year old, its MUCH easier. I got Dakota as a puppy, and Harvey was a year. There were still issues and adjustments, but everything else was a lot easier - chewing stuff, destructive behavior, housetraining...

And if you find one that's fostered, rather than in a kennel/pound, you can usually get a better idea of temperment and behavior issues.

In the end, though, dogs can be a lot like kids. They will misbehave, they'll have accidents, and they'll throw up - but I think the benefits far outweigh all of that. Curling up on the couch with my dogs curled up beside me is one of my happy places.