Thursday, April 8, 2010

21 before 21

21 SMART Goals before 21

1. Bake homemade bread
2. Take a sign language class
3. Read a book just for fun
4. Buy a house
5. Reupholster a piece of furniture
6. Plant a garden
7. Make cake icing out of avocados
8. Get an internship
9. Write a pros and cons list for future careers
10. Go on a weekend away
11. Perform a random act of kindness
12. Build Dmitri a play kitchen
13. Write a love letter
14. Scrapbook from July 2009-July 2010
15. Build a piece of furniture "from scratch"
16. Take a practice GRE test
17. Perfect a whole wheat sugar free cookie recipe
18. Create a budget and follow it
19.Face a fear.
20. Blog about it
21. Start a compost

What is SMART? - Specific, Measurable, Attainable, Relevant, and Time Bound

Thanks for the suggestions for the 21st goal. Composting wins! = )

What are your goals for the near future?


CourtneyKeb said...

avocado icing?
you are just full of new ideas for me!

Suzana said...

21. Start a compost!

alissa {33shadesofgreen} said...

Great list Caroline!

How about going somewhere that you have never been before? Even if it's just a roadtrip for the day?

Anonymous said...

Take voice lessons. I always wanted to do that....or learn how to dance...hip-hop.

tessica said...

avocado icing?? hmmmmmm is it green?
how do you keep it frm getting brown?
do you put it on cake?

I think your list is great! and i love the compost suggestion!

The Shrub said...

Hi! I'm a new follower ~ found you through one of the project share's! I think your list is full of great things, and that you can achieve all of them!
I'm a music teacher, and I think no. 21 would be wonderful if you got your family involved with Kindermusik! It is REALLY cool, and would be educational and fun!

Have a great day!

The Brick Cottage said...

What a great list! Upon reading it, I had no idea you are so young! I was not nearly as industrious when I was approaching 21. I haven't heard of avocado icing but I have a recipe saved for avocado milkshake and I'm dying to try it this summer.

Makey-Cakey said...

21) Go for a month without buying anything new, apart from food?

Victoria said...

Well, I would say go to Paris!!! I'm 41 and it's still on my to do list.

Stephanie said...

Such a creative list!
Plan a romantic getaway?

Sheena Louise Roetman said...

I second the call for composting (and recycling, if you don't already). Once you start composting you will be HORRIFIED with how much food truly goes to waste. Right now, since I live in an apartment, I just donate my compost to a community garden. But since you're getting that gorgeous house, you could definitely use it in a garden!

Also, take that sign language class with me. I knew it when I was younger because one of my cousins is deaf, but have long since forgotten it.

Leanne said...

That's such an awesome list. I wish I would have been as industrious as you are at not yet 21. I'm training to run a half marathon this year. How do you feel about running?

Chelsey - The Paper Mama said...

Thanks for the inspiration. I have started a 28 1/4 by 28 1/4 list.