Wednesday, May 5, 2010

I am back. At least, parts of me.

We finally have internet. After a week without it, 10 hours on the phone, tampering, rebooting, unplugging and replugging, I am reconnected!

We cleaned out our apartment, and are settling into our new home. This experience was nothing like what I expected. I didn't expect to be as stressed or have so much anxiety throughout the moving process. Moving with a baby is much more difficult- something that I seemed to not take into account. I am a "get it done" type person, and when I don't get things done, it really stresses me out.

I have learned a few things. Experience is a hard teacher.

-Have a babysitter for the closing. Especially if it's at naptime with a teething baby.
-Too many boxes is better than not enough boxes.
-Don't move during finals week or during major work deadlines.
-If possible, go to the grocery store the day before the move and stock the fridge at the new house. Or at least keep bread, peanut butter, and jelly on hand!
-Get a size larger U-Haul than you think you need - it's cheaper than having to take two trips.
-Pack your linens by wrapping breakable items in them. If I were into killing birds, I would use that expression here.
-Have a "packing party"; even if it's just for moral support, anything is more fun when friends share it with you.
-Remember to have extra patience & grace for your spouse and family members. Moving is stressful on everyone.
- Have a few "special" or new toys on hand to entertain the kids.
-Pack several days worth of clothes in a suitcase so that you can find them!
-The day of the move, start the morning off with whatever helps you relax: a bubble bath, a glass of wine, a walk, or yoga...everything will get done, and it's better to feel good when you are doing it.
-"Don't sweat the small stuff."
-Possessions are temporal.
-When in doubt, throw it away.
-It's ok to experience a wide range of emotions when moving. Relocating a home is a lot of work, physically and emotionally! Savor the happy memories and look forward to the new ones!
-Flowers make any room look happier...even if everything else is a mess.
-Say goodbye to your previous home.

I am still recovering from the ride...but we are already loving our new home and are so thankful to be a part of the vibrant history. So much more to come...


Vanessa said...

LOTS of wisdom in this!! So glad you're 'back' and can't wait to see what creative geniusy things you do in this house!

Lacey said...

That all sounds about right. We moved into our new home a year ago and I wish I had seen this list before. We had to learn it all the hard way too.

'-Say goodbye to your home' was, for me, the hardest part. I went through each room and cried a little more when I closed the door for the last time. I actually went through the entire house with a video camera before I packed my first box - to capture it as it was. I think I might go look up that video after posting this.

Congratulations again!

Tempest Ahoy said...

What an exciting time, making your new house your own. Good luck, have fun.

Kim said...

Glad you made it! We missed you! Now for the fun part .... UN-packing!

Cindy said...

Moving is really stressful. When I packed up our house, I purged like crazy. Now we have been living in a rental since Jan and will be into new our house June. I plan to unpack slowly and really think about all the items I am putting away. We have survived for so many months with only the basics so, I really want to consider the need and value of each item. We just have so much stuff and too much stuff = chaos. Ish! Something I do not need. Good luck!

Rachel and John said...

I have such a hard time saying good bye to houses. I get pretty attached. My mom moved out of my childhood home the week after my wedding so there I was leaving for my honeymoon, crying my eyes out because I was going to miss my childhood home.
I'm glad you're getting settled!

Mandi Miller said...

Great tips! I'm glad you are back and I am so happy you are in your new house! Yay!!

Momma Rhyne said...

That is some great advice. We are closing in a few weeks, with 3 kids, 4 and under, a sitter is definitely in line.

Kristin @ My Uncommon Slice of Suburbia said...

What a wonderful time for you! I'm enjoying reading your posts. Thanks so much for stopping by!
Take care