Wednesday, July 7, 2010

A little quiet

I'm a little quiet here...

-It could be because I am spitting out massive amounts for my three classes...which will be over in just three weeks.
-Or that I'm trying to not completely freak out that my sweet not-so-little baby is turning 1! Where has the time gone? I cry every time I think about it. Seriously.
-So I'm getting ready for his party this weekend. And I'm hoping the food will be good enough to distract from my nervous breakdown.
-Maybe it's the tonsillitis and ear-infection that I'm getting over.
-Or that Dmitri has been really sick for almost a week.
-Don't forget David's sinus infection.
-And giving up caffeine was such a bad idea. At least for my productivity. I'm hoping it will have health benefits.
-Did I mention that I'm....*yawn*....sooo....sleepy?
-I'm in the middle of several house projects. None of which are actually finished.

So I'm still here. And excited to show you some amazing before & afters. I'm just in the middle, right now.

Happy Wednesday!


Ash said...

awww take a chill pill and get back on the caffeine-ride. we all need it! ;)

hope you'll have a blast on his 1st bday. ash turned 1 coupla weeks ago and we'd a blast (when i say "we" meaning the adults - ash didn't have a clue what was going on.hehehe)

i'm getting my sinus checked out at the end of the month. heard herbal way is the way to go rather than surgery. hope your boys will get well soon.

~ash's mum

Heidi said...

After being caffeine-free for almost 20 years, I went back on coffee after we adopted our son (who still doesn't sleep through the night at almost 3). I plan on giving up caffeine again once both of our kids are good sleepers--which may be never!

Vanessa said...

Take your time, you're worth waiting for! :-) Enjoy the party, I hope and pray everyone is all well for it!!

barbie said...

Oh boy I did that for Lent and it was rough! it goes get better but at first it's pure He$$ :)