Monday, August 16, 2010

First Day of Classes Kicked My Butt

UGA Arches {that I can walk through now that I've officially started my Senior year today!)

It's the first time I'm in class full-time since Dmitri (that aren't summer classes).

It was painful. Physically, mentally, emotionally. I cried like three times over the course of the day. Exhaustion, frustration, just tired of being in school. People remind me frequently that I have accomplished so much, to not worry that it's taking five years to graduate, that it's nothing to be ashamed of. I know that. It doesn't make me any less tired of college.


Time for bed.

Projects to share...tomorrow! Sorry for the delay. As usual.

Oh life, why can't you get on my schedule!


Christina said...

Don't get discouraged, and don't worry about blogging when you feel like this! Try to get a good nights sleep and get a new perspective in the morning. You'll be so happy for going through this schooling when you're done! :)

Anonymous said...

Don't worry about it taking 5 years to graduate. Really. Right now it's taken me about 7 years to do a simple bachelor's, between part time course load, full time course load, full time job, full time caregiver. I'm so sick of school and I still have to finish my undergrad thesis (in 2 weeks.)

You have a lot to show for the time it's taken you.

The Daughtridges said...

I am also starting my last year of college, and it is my fifth year as well!

Sometimes it gets to me to see all my friends who were normal college kids and who have finished on time. But then I think about all the things I've done by not being at school, like buying a house and getting married. And in the end I think how much happier I am because of the choices I made!

Unknown said...

I honestly don't know anyone who graduated on time, if that helps. I took a full course load (except I took summers off) and still finished in my 5th year.

Good luck. You're almost at the end!

Lily said...

I totally know what you mean. I started my bachelor's degree in the fall of 1990. 1990. Seriously. After taking a few years off (17 to be exact) I'm hoping to graduate this spring. I started back last fall. So don't feel bad. Graduating is graduating. It doesn't really matter how long it took you to get there. And on days when there are tears, just let them flow, blow your nose and move ahead. You'll get there. :)

BTW, after this, I'm going to work on my master's degree because I'm just that much of a glutton for punishment. LOL

Sarah said...

Partly why I quit school was because I hated it so much. I'm just not a school type person- regardless of how well I did and how I "accomplished". Instead of feeling so frustrated, focus on how lucky you are to have found what you're passionate about. If I had found that, I know I'd still be scraping by in school- and that I'd be starting my senior year this fall too. But I didn't and I didn't see the point in wasting money and making myself miserable while I tried to figure it out. Sometimes you just have to focus on things you normally take for granted because you've got so many other things pushing for attention. This is your senior year and you get to do it all out. Even if it's stressful and tough, just think of how awesome it'll feel to know that you pushed through and made the most of one of the best years you can have as a college student. Good luck this semester!

Leah said...

Oh get some rest sweetie!

I love this stencil post, so inspiring!


The Shrub said...

First days are really rough. You're excited, anxious, tired, etc. and when things get a little MORE stressful, it's understandable to get upset. This used to happen to me -seriously embarrassing, but *shrug* we are who we are! :)
I'm excited for you! This is a great step. I'm going BACK to school after being out for two years, supporting the hubs. I'll probably cry too. :)

Kay Lynne said...

Don't give up!!! You'll never regret finishing :)

Sheena Louise Roetman said...

I'm entering my 8th and final year of college tomorrow. It took me a LONG time to accept that and not feel guilty or like a failure, etc. So I won't tell you to stop worrying or anything like that--Just know that I completely understand and if you ever need to vent, I'm totally here. :)

Unknown said...

I struggled with the fact that it took me 5 1/2 years to get my bachelor's, but looking back, it's not really a big deal. All that matters NOW is that I have my degree. Our peers didn't have the stress of raising a child, being married, or having a home. It's tough but like a PP said, you've accomplished so much more life-wise. Good luck, I'm sure your struggle now will be worth it in the end!