Wednesday, August 11, 2010

I'm Back, and with a Living Room To-Do List

My unintentional blog vacation is over (let's just say that finishing up online classes took a lot more time than I'd hoped!), and I have a long project to-do list. First on the agenda is my living room furniture. I really want this room to be done (if that's possible) so that we can relax, and you know, live in it. Right now, this is what it looks like....

And there is a giant purple sofa on the other side of the room that I have very intentionally left out of the photo. It's comfy, but just not working with the color scheme here.

1. I need to reupholster the sofa. I am thinking of painting the legs white and doing a grey fabric. I have found a beautiful grey linen, but I'm wondering if linen is really the best choice here. Any recs for places to buy fabric or on fabric types?

2. I am looking for two chairs to sit opposite the sofa. I'm thinking something modern to juxtapose the vintage sofa vibe. Right now, I am thinking these:

However, I am slightly hesitant about how comfortable they are. A second option would be this slipper chair that I also really like:


3. And finally, we have a little bit of re-arranging, organizing, and accessorizing to do. 

Thoughts? Ideas? I always love a little inspiration! 


Cindy said...

Was wondering what was going on. We missed you and are glad you are back to inspire us.

Anna White said...

Caroline..its all coming along so beautifully you should feel so very proud of yourself. That floor rug is stunning..really lifts the room and compliments the colour scheme happening in that space. I love the choice of accompanying chairs..and believe it or not..those chairs are quite comfy.
I was actually thinking two gorgeous white cane armchairs would look perfect..and introduce a different texture and style to the room. I am currently doing one up myself ( posted about it)..there are some stunning ones on Ebay that you can find that really do look amazing done up. Cannot wait to see it all finished..Im sure its going to look amazing x

Unknown said...

hey there... a pleasure to meet you.
i love your blog title.
I always throw people for a loop when I say I am a christian feminist, so I love yours as well!
I say chair number 2 (the 'slipper' one) all the way!

all the best,

Rebecca@This Present Life said...

I love your rug! And I think your sofa would look great in gray. I've never tackled reupholstering so I have no advice on the how-to's. Also, I like the idea of combining something a little more modern with the vintage sofa. I like the slipper chairs personally, but it all comes down to which ones YOU like. Can't wait to see how it comes along!

Sheena said...

I forgot to tell you when you painted the living room that I LOVE the color. I have plans to paint my bedroom a shade of blue - but think I am going with a darker color. I have had the color picked out for about 5 years and am FINALLY going to do it! I will be officially starting my blog within the next week - and will have before and afters of everything.

I would suggest going to an upholstery shop and looking at material that they have in your color choice. That way you can FEEL the fabric and usually see a bigger swatch than what come companies will send you. I know that going that route can be more expensive - but look at last years styles or clearance and consider how long the material will last compared to others. I also really love indoor/outdoor fabric. The same type of water/stain resistant fabric used on outdoor furniture. It's made to be water/stain/fade resistant and because of that I have found it is VERY durable with kids. There are even some fabrics that are nice and soft and not too stiff. Plus it is a cinch to clean. I recovered all of my kitchen chairs in it and while I don't have kids, I know from experience that the fabric cleans well and most liquids just sit on top and don't sink in. Anyway - good luck with it! Can't wait to see pics!

René said...

Grey would look great on the sofa and I love the target chairs, especially for comfort. I'm still drooling over that rug.

Thanks for your help today, btw.


Katie said...

While I don't know you personally, I love your blog! And, I have one of the Target slipper chairs and love it! I thought it'd be odd to not an armchair with a place to rest your arm, but the chair is very comfortable and has a nice deep seat. While I know I am biased, I think the slipper chair would be an inviting juxtaposition to your vintage sofa!

Sarah said...

I'm liking the idea of gray for the sofa but I'd pick a different fabric. Go to the fabric store and see what fabrics they have for upholstering. And ask an associate about them cause you're going to need something that can withstand some serious wear and tear (with your baby boy and all). I like the idea of modern chairs but I think you're right, not comfy and if that's more important to you, go for something else. Anything that has really straight, boxy lines, will contrast with the curves of your sofa (which I love btw) so you have many options there. Have you thought about what kind of table you want to might want to put in the middle of the room? I think it needs something that will really tie it all together.

Anna Whiston-Donaldson said...

What a GREAT room! I love the idea of the slipper chairs for comfort and a sleek vibe. I think linen would be tough w/ a little one around. A dove gray velvet, wool, or chenille would look so pretty w/ white legs.Our chenille couch has been abused and still looks great. Love the rug!

Holly Lefevre said...

I love the rug! I love the living room completley. I cannot wait to see what you do to it!

Kim said...

Did you change your mind about the Ektorp? I LOVE the idea of white with that amazing blue. Not to mention the washable slip cover can't be beat, especially with little ones.

a little black cloud in a dress said...

your fireplace is to die for. I love it. And your couch is pretty amazing as well!! :]