Saturday, September 4, 2010

In Search of Dishes: Part Deux

In my first post about searching for a durable, white, set of dinnerware, I outlined several options that I have been considering for dinnerware. I want a white set that I can use for everyday, as well as entertaining, holidays, parties, etc. I received so many other ideas and options, that I wanted to share the other sets that I am considering, recommended by you!

Crate and Barrel's Aspen Dinnerware is both classic and affordable.

They are only $16.95 a place setting, and each plate is only a dollar more than the Ikea option. What I find most appealing about this dinnerware is that it specifically says it is chip-resistant! It also received 4.8 / 5 rating with 153 reviews. This seems to be the leading affordable option.

However, Pottery Barn also has some gorgeous options. 

Their Gabriella Dinnerware is beautiful.

I love the details and curves. However, it is a bit more expensive at $12 / dinner plate, or around $35 per place setting. Another strike against it is that it's stoneware. All of my current dishes are stoneware, and while I love the look of them, they chip and crack so easily!

Pottery Barn also offers their Great White Traditional Dinnerware. It's simple and classic.

It's $26 a place setting, and made from porcelain. I love the clean lines. Nothing unusually fancy, but it's a great classic option. I am still concerned about the durability of this set, as some of the reviews do say that they have chipped. 

 William-Sonoma offers an Everyday Restaurant Porcelain Dinnerware. 

They are definitely William-Sonoma's least expensive option, with their other sets being severely more expensive.

Simple, classic, nothing unusual or special. However, at $6 a plate they are in the same range as the Ikea and Crate and Barrel options. It received good reviews, and is supposedly very heavy and sturdy- which is what I'm looking for. 

So there are four more great options to consider in the great search for the perfect dinnerware! I hope all of you have a wonderful Labor Day weekend. I've got a very exciting week of blogging planned for next week, and trust me, it sure beats dinnerware! ; )


Lacey said...

I've decided to go with the Roulette collection at Crate & Barrel. Thanks again!

Heidi said...

Great research! Looks like bowl shape and mug vs. cup and saucer are other variables.

Sheena Louise Roetman said...

I can personally endorse the Aspen from C&B. I got it for my wedding five years ago and it's lasted through a divorce and six or seven different apartments--one of which was a cross-country move. They're dishwasher safe, clean, sturdy. They don't chip or crack. I do know that when I lived in a loft with cement floors I dropped a bowl once and it broke, but one bowl out of five years/multiple moves is nothing to me. And I have the entire set--Eight each of the dinner plates, coffee mugs, tea cups, saucers, soup bowls, cereal bowls, salad plates, and salad serving bowls & serving platters.

The other good thing is that you can mix and match with other sets. My sister bought a bunch of multi-colored mugs from Target and it looks great with the white dishes. And then I always fall in love with the cute little juice glasses at Ikea, and they always look cute with the white dishes and only last through the summer anyway, so it's perfect.

Also they haven't discontinued it in over 7 years, so I think it'll stick around for a while if you need replacements.

Anonymous said...

I *HIGHLY* recommend Fiestaware, and it comes in white. It is insanely, incredibly, awesomely durable.

We have had our Cobalt pieces for over 11 years, and our Rose pieces for over 2 years. We are by no means gentle with our dishes. Our only casualties have been a couple of pieces that were dropped from standing height to the ceramic tile floor (*But seriously, what real dish could survive THAT?*).

They have so many different styles and sizes of dishes, bowls, cups, mugs, serving pieces, baking pieces (*Actually, all of their pieces can go in the oven - Perfect for baked-directly-in-a-teacup/bowl recipes!*)

I warn you - Fiestaware is tooooootally Kitchen Crack. Once you start, you always want more pieces. More, more, MORE! Yay Kitchen Crack! lol

Traditions said...

I purchased samples of the Aspen and the Great White Traditional. And I am still trying to decide. My wife likes the look of PB's better. She thinks the Great White Traditional look more durable and less cheap looking b/c its thicker/heavier than than the Aspen. Thinner/lighter wares remind her of the Corelleware. I am going to pickup a some samples from Bed Bath Beyond to add one comparison. One I liked was the Fitz and Floyd® Nevaeh Everyday Bone China. It looks like it might be more durable b/c of its high bone content. See here:

The benchmark reference though may be something like this which is too expensive: