Friday, December 24, 2010

Christmas Eve Traditions

We are spending this Christmas Eve with David's family in Atlanta, exchanging gifts and attending a Christmas Eve service (David's brother is singing in the choir).

I made Paula Deen's egg nog and sugar cookies (Alton Brown's - delicious!) for the occasion!

A tradition in my family growing up was my mom would pick us out an ornament representing the year and we would open it on Christmas Eve. Christmas Eve was always a lot of fun for us and I loved this tradition.

So, I decided to pass it on to Dmitri (and next year: baby brother!). Here is Dmitri's 1st Christmas ornament: a baby carriage.

Obviously, ornaments are for eating! And I just look weird.

This year, I thought a lot about what ornament to get Dmitri. So much has happened in the past year- he turned one, he started walking, he said his first word (s). But I think nothing represents this year more than the addition of Hobbes, I mean, Sookie.

best friends

 always together


 This year, I got Dmitri a kitty ornament:

Another tradition that I have started, is a new pair of pajamas for Christmas Eve. So fun for snuggling before the big morning!

I hope you all have a wonderful Christmas Eve & Christmas morning! Do you have any Christmas Eve traditions?


Cassie Bustamante said...

what a great tradition! he will have his own collection one day when he grows up and has his own tree.... a long long time from now!

Cate said...

One of our Christmas Eve traditions is that everybody gets to open a gift on Christmas Eve afternoon.

We trim the tree on the day after Thanksgiving every year, and shortly after that we go out and everybody picks out a new ornament. Our children will be welcome to take their ornaments with them when they move out. This year our daughter received a wooden cat ornament, painted black, and she loves to point at it on the tree. (She's 18 months).

Sharstin said...

that is a great tradition! and i love these cute picts! and of course the little ornament:) merry christmas!

Unknown said...

Your little family is so sweet! just love all the pictures with Dmitri and Sookie together - So cute! Merry Christmas!

Sarah said...

That is such a sweet tradition! And a great way to build them an ornament collection!

Sheena Louise Roetman said...

My mom gets us ornaments every year as well! And I just had to comment on the photos of Dmitri with the cat -- I have so many pictures of me at the same age with my cat, Dude, and this reminded me of what a good pal he was. :) Merry Christmas Caroline!

caycee said...

How cute is your baby with that kitty!!! Love me some Tea clothes too :)

Ansley said...

My mother STILL gives my sister and I matching pajamas on Christmas Eve.

the cape on the corner said...

kitty's ornament looks just like him! i love the traditions you are starting for your family. baby #2 will be here before you know it!