Monday, December 13, 2010

Preparing for Baby # 2 - Cloth Diaper Accumulation


We love cloth diapering so much that we could not even think of not cloth diapering the next little one. So I have slowly and craftily been accumulating them via eBay and local parenting groups.

They are just so cute...

We used all Fuzzibunz Perfect size with Dmitri (mediums). He has worn them since he was about 3 months old, and I think he will continue to wear them until he potty trains in the next year or two. For this little one, I bought 12 Fuzzibunz Perfect size small and 6 Bumgenius bamboo size small to be paired with 2 Bummis Super whisper wraps.

I am hoping to start using them around 2-3 weeks old with baby boy # 2. I am considering using tiny gDiapers for those first few weeks. (If you haven't seen them, they are compostable! It's pretty cool.)

For some reason, there is nothing like little newborn diapers to get me excited about this little one's arrival...just three more months! 


Lise Marie said...

Compostible diapers? Awesome! I wish they had those years ago. I love the picture with all the diapers in the drawer. cute!

Thanks for your comment also. And by the way, cute haircut. Very cute.

Anonymous said...

I think it's great that you've always used cloth diapers. We are really considering cloth diapering this time around. I'd love to learn more, do you have any websites or advice for a first time cloth diaperer?

Sarah said...

I have a question for you. Has it been hard for you to find pants that fit well over cloth diapers? It was really an issue for us. I think it might have been because Celia was always so small, so diapers seemed extra bulky on her. Any tips?

Fruitful Harvest said...

Way to go:)
I too am a cloth diapering momma {when I have them in diapers} the baby has been potty train since she was barley two, she is now 3yr.

I love your stash....just beautiful!
I got most of mine on e bay....but I have heard they don't allow the sell of used ones any more?!

How exciting.....a new little bum for the diapers!
We are praying GOD will bless us again soon....{I'm not pregnant yet}
We have 6 already and we've been hoping and praying for over a year!
My doctor said that my breastfeeding the 3yr old is probley why it has not happened foer us yet?!

Peace and Joy,

Leah said...

I wanna try these next go around!


Kara said...

Oh yay!! I'm always excited to see when cloth diapering works for people...and if you thought it would work from the get-go or if there was a bit of a challenge to start off with. So glad you're sticking with it!

Sharstin said...

way to go!those are really fabulous! and darling~

Mama Gone Green said...

Hooray for cloth! We used cloth with Finn the entire time, but only had a very few size small diapers... which meant i was doing diaper laundry once or twice every day (not so enviro-friendly)! So for the new babe, I am planning in investing in some more size smalls (we are set with mediums) to cut back on the laundry loads!
Good for you for being so organized!

Cate said...

Those are so cute! I love that you have "girly" colors in the mix too. :-)

hclairec said...

I'm about to be a grandmother... I was not thinking about cloth diapers until you posted this... There are so many to choose from now... why did you choose these brands.. Please email me

Marissa said...

Excited to see another mom who loves mothering and cloth diapering. Just had to let you know...we started out with gdiapers and hated them!!! They were not as cool as we hoped...I do hope if you use them that you like them. FYI in Parenting last month there was a 30% coupon + 20% for moms club= really cheap Earths Best dipes and wipes:)

Anonymous said...

Have you heard of "elimination OCmmunication"? we did this from when our second child (boy) was 2 days old. by 5 months he crawled to the potty to do his own wees and poos. one nappy/undies a day and no accidents ever (well truthfully only one but it was me as i knocked the potty over). check out
it's an amazing method - money saving, no nappy rash and great bonding experience. i'd recommend it even if you just get the baby to wee when you are changing them. wonderful experience and totally natural - what most of the world does (africa, india etc).
all the best
cheers Fiona

Willo said...

We did fuzzi bunz for both boys and LOVED them!