Monday, February 7, 2011

To write, or not to write: a birth plan

For Dmitri's birth (click for story), I was very ready. I had read all of the books, I had watched the natural birth videos, we took a natural birth class...Of course, the labor and birth were intense (it's called labor for a reason!), but everything went remarkably well. And like any birth, there were a few unexpected bumps a long the way. But for the most part, I felt that I did everything it my power to get the birth that I wanted, and that's the best that I can do!

Now I'm about to give labor and birth a second go, and I want things to go a little differently than the first time. One thing that I am doing differently is the birth plan. Surprisingly, I did not write one when I was pregnant with Dmitri. But this time around, I am putting it all down on paper. David and I sat down and worked on it together for a couple hours. I think it really helped to clear our heads, made us think through everything to make sure nothing was forgotten in our preparation, and it ensured that we were on the same page.

A few things that we included were:

-Childcare Plan of Action
-Who to Call & When
-A "Once Labor has Begun" To-Do List
-Specific Requests About the Birth (like positions I do/do not want to be in; Cord-cutting; and David would like to catch the baby, etc)
-Who to Call Once Baby has Arrived
-Visitors Protocol (Who Can Come and When, etc.)

Did you write a birth plan or would you consider writing one? Why/why not?


Mandi Miller said...

Even though I didn't plan on having Maddy naturally my doctor encouraged me to write down a birth plan... even if it wasn't detailed. He said a lot of things we may or may not want get forgotten once your in labor and it's easier on them if they can look at it and talk through it with the mom-to-be beforehand. It really did make labor go a lot smoother considering all of the issues we had getting Maddy out! :)

So I ♥ birth plans! :)

TheHouseWifeRookie said...

I did not do a birth plan, but I also didn't go the natural route either. I'm a pretty go-with-the-flow type of person, so being bound to a plan doesn't fit my personality. I did consider it in the beginning, but I'm glad now that I didn't write one because I originally wanted for just my husband to be present in the delivery room, but in the moment I wanted my mom there as well. We were both sooo glad that she was there now and had I written and committed myself to a plan, I may have been less flexible and missed out on enjoying the moment. But I always say, to each his own!!!!

Unknown said...

I didn't put anything on paper but my husband & I an agreement. And he backed me up big time, especially with my first baby. The dr we got stuck with was kind of a pushy biotch.

Unknown said...

Ever since I realized I wanted children someday and started reading about birth options I've always thought a birth plan would be one of my musts... I still definitely plan on writing one up, I just worry that I'll be one of those people that becomes so rigid in my hopes and expectations that I would be incredibly disappointed if things didn't go exactly as I wanted them to.
Really though, as much as I talk up how important it is for women to take charge of their bodies and health, especially in situations where pushy medical personnel force their "My protocol and I know better than you and your intuition" agenda [not that that is always the case or that there is never a time and a place for medical intervention,] I'm the kind of person that once I get fed up, I shut down and would likely cave without a written plan to refer to.
Have you seen the new show "One Born Every Minute" [new to the U.S. anyway] The very first episode, from my perspective, seemed to vilify the couples who opted for non-medicated/minimal intervention births and made the woman who compared non-medicated childbirth to having a tooth pulled without pain relief and who didn't want to hold her baby until it had be nice a cleaned up look like the sane one. To each their own I suppose! :)

Willo said...

We did for our second. A lot happened with the first that we wanted to do differently, so we laid out a plan. More for us and our doula to reference in the heat of the moment than anything else. With that and the help of a really helpful midwife practice, we were able to have a completely successful (even if 24 hour long) pain drug free labor.

Curly-T said...

I tried to write a birthplan for both of my previous babies. They both went out the window! I didn't want that junk smeared in my baby girl's eyes before she got to see me, but holding her once she was born was about 20 seconds before they whisked her away to suck out her nose and mouth (she swallowed and breathed in a bunch of junk). My son did the same thing!
Though I still got to hold them all messy and brand new, it wasn't near what I wanted.
I LOVE giving birth in a hospital (the idea of it happening anywhere else scares me to death), though I did insist on going home a day early with my son - we were fine, needed to sleep and I needed to see my daughter!
The important thing to me in this third one is a) my doc respects the no meds, no needle idea (IVs aren't always necessary) b) we do what is best for BABY, not just because it's protocol (delaying some things if possible so I can hold that BRAND NEW BABY a bit longer). And c)
while my husband has no desire to catch, he will cut the cord. And he insists on the second baby arrives, that he is at baby's side, not mine, for whatever happens.

Unknown said...

I didn't write one for both births but I will for the next one. I just hated that the nurse kept talking me into an epidural!


Good luck with the birth....I think a plan is always good...for anything!

Mama Gone Green said...

We wrote one for Finn's birth, but haven't this time around... mostly because I have been a lot lazier this time and I keep thinking that I've already done this, so no big deal... (yeah right!). It's probably something I should think about!

The Parker's said...

We had one, but it never got taken out of the bag...not enough time! Oh well! Everything that was on it happened/didn't happen though, so that was good! I am glad that I sat down and did it though, because it made me think everything through and to make sure that I had reasons for each and every thing. Yay for birth plans!

Mrs. Lukie said...

Most definitely, birth plan is in talks, and will be in the works as we get closer to my due date.

I don't need itty bitty details, but a guideline of what we do/do not want is something we both agree on having and doing.

CourtneyKeb said...

My whole reason for writing a birth plan this go round is for my MIL. She took my words last time as if I were just a crazy, hormonal pregnant lady that didn't mean "GET OUT!"

It sounds harsh, but it was rough, so this time I have my requests and needs well established!

Brock T. said...

Good for you guys! When it comes to labor and delivery we have to do what we are inspired to do in order to have a clear mind to be able to focus and let baby out peacefully. :)
We did a birth plan for our first and in the end had an even better experience than we wrote down! So, a birth plan is great for getting on the same page with hubby & clearing the mind of concerns but when it comes 2 go time its best 2 be open to the natural course your labor will take. :) It will be amazing!