Wednesday, February 23, 2011

You're Invited to a Blessingway

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I have felt at a loss at points during this pregnancy, wishing that the many of the women whom I consider to be my friends, supporters, and encouragers were not scattered across the States (and some outside of the US), but were nearby to encourage me and celebrate the pending arrival of our baby boy. When I heard that Rixa at Stand and Deliver (a fabulous birth blog) was throwing a "virtual blessingway" I felt like it was the perfect answer to my desire to have a community embrace me and the baby, even if it is "virtual". I would be so honored for any of you who would like to take part in my "blessingway" as I prepare for the birth of baby # 2!   

What is a blessingway?
A blessingway is reminiscent of a baby shower, except that it is a time that is focused on affirming and encouraging the mother during such a momentous time as laboring and giving birth. Women gather to share "blessings" for the mother, whether it is a poem, song, art, or word of encouragement. Sometimes each woman will bring a bead to add to a necklace or bracelet for the mother to wear during the labor and to be reminded of the affirmations that she received from the women in her life.

You are welcome to send your virtual "beads" (words of encouragement and affirmation, something positive that you would want to share or remind a laboring mom of) to my email address, thefeministhousewife {at} gmail {dot} com. I will "open your gifts" on March 1st!

Thank you for being such a wonderful source of support and encouragement through this exciting time!


Joi said...

What a sweet idea!

Anonymous said...

Love This!!

Willo said...

I had a blessingway. Best. Baby shower. EVER. I still have my beads in a very special place in my home and will never forget being showered with love in the form of hair brushing, foot massage and well wishes!

Clandestine Road said...

This is a neat idea. I hope it gives you the boost you need.

andrea of ffft said...

I had a blessingway complete with the most beautiful beads... I made a necklace and wore it till the birth, and the night after I had him, it broke! I kept the beads in his "baby box" and love that it was meant to be support for the process... but was never turned into "jewelry"... it was also the only time I have ever had my nails painted gold :)

Congrats, hope everything goes brilliantly!