Wednesday, March 30, 2011

DIY Placenta and Photos of Dmitri & Damon

I commented on the fact that we have a placenta in our freezer, and it got me thinking about what people have actually done with a placenta. Searches turned up some interesting results. A few don't seem too out there to know, like throwing it away. But other ideas are full-on DIY Placenta Edition.

Like this Teddy Bear...

Wow. Just wow. Creative, to say the least. Other ideas that I've found are encapsulating it so that the mother can take it in pill form to regain the nutrients. Using it to make art...and my personal favorite, planting it under a tree, bush, flower, or other plant in honor of the baby.

(We will probably go with the last one).

Damon is just precious, and we love having him as a part of our family. It's been an adjustment, nonetheless. I am pretty freaked out about having to handle the two of them on my own. But I still have a few days before I will face that challenge.

Dmitri loves the "baby". He is constantly giving him kisses, wanting to hold him, and petting his head (he is unbelievably gentle for a 21-month-old)! He also enjoys pointing out his hair, eyes, nose, mouth, tongue, chin, ears, and toes! It completely makes my heart melt to see how sweet they are together:

Dmitri & Damon (Damon is yawning, not crying! Haha!)


That last photo reminds me so much of this photo of Dmitri...
Sometimes, I think that I've given birth to twins 20.5 months apart.

 As we adjust to life as a family of four, and I start back classes, I plan to slowly resume my normal blogging. I have several projects/changes to share... = ) But I'm trying my best to take it easy, let my body heal, and focus on loving my two boys.


Karri said...

So precious :)

My BIL and SIL planted their son's placenta along with a new tree and the tree totally thrived. Its a gorgeous tree!

Leanne said...

Oh, so sweet! They are both adorable!

Unknown said...

Your boys are so handsome! If you hadn't have told us, I would have surely thought those two last photos were of the same baby!

One of my favorite bloggers, MODG, did one of my all-time favorite posts about encapsulating hers -

I'm totally thinking of having a placenta feast someday - more for the "so I can say I did" factor than anything else. I'll definitely need to do more research and dwell on it a bit more though.
Planting it in a garden or below a tree seems like such a great idea - practical and poetic, doesn't get much better than that :)

Skye McLain said...

okay i am not going to lie - the placenta bear is a little.. strange.. to me. but i dont have children yet - who knows - maybe one day i will want a placenta bear in my nursery. either way - the baby is precious! congrats on the new addition to the family! :)

Mrs.Buck said...

Congratulations - they are both adorable - and they do look so much alike! What fun they'll have together as they get older and can play together.

Mary Nevin said...

what perfect babies!! they already clearly have such a bond :)

Fruitful Harvest said...

Wow.....hummm a bear!lol

I have two placentas and 8 year old breast milk my the freezer.

I have 6 #4 and #5 were home births. I have not gotten to plantting the tree yet.

Maybe this year????

Thanks for reminding me they were in my freezer and for the laugh. giggle giggle!


emily said...

it's amazing how little i know about the capabilities of my own body. what the heck is a placenta? is it kind of like an egg yolk, in that it feeds/provides nutrients to the incubated fetus?

Mama Gone Green said...

so sweet... they do look very similar!

Nissi D said...

Dmitri is such a handsome little man.
Congrats to you all, enjoy your family!

michelle said...

Caroline they are both just so beautiful and I think that that is a great idea to plant the placenta under a tree. :)

Mrs. Lukie said...

Ayyy...almost all ideas of what to do with the placenta just weird me out, EXCEPT for the planting it with a tree thing. That's what we plan to do :)

I totally would have thought the pictures of Dmitri & Damon were the same baby! Amazing how much they look alike!

Glad to hear you're recovering and giving your body time to heal itself and do what it needs to do.

Dana Ann said...

Congrats again on your beautiful new addition. I've got a slightly older (3 days) little girl that wouldn't mind hanging out with that cutie!

bron @ baby space said...

You're right -- they look so similar! And gorgeous :)

Ok, but that teddy bear made of placenta? Had not seen that before and will be telling everyone about it. Can. not. believe. Kind of crazy cool though.

Katie Olthoff said...

Damon is beautiful! My boys look a lot alike, too!

I like the tree planting idea. We plant a tree for each kid (I say that like we've done it 15 times) and that would have been a neat addition.


I rarely ever, EVER, outright ask another blogger to read any of my posts. But since we are talking about placentas... if you ever find yourself with a mindless moment take a gander:

And this. This is a favourite memory. Oh, my father's HORROR! The look on his face is burned into my brain to delight me for the rest of my days :)