Monday, April 25, 2011

Life with Two Boys

 Our little Easter bunny

 Asleep: One month old

 After a bath: Four weeks old



Almost 5 weeks!

 Brothers...checking each other out!


 The Tasmanian toddler..right before he threw the sand everywhere...

I've survived a month of life as a mom of two, and it's been a wonderful challenge. It's been a month of growing, and I've learned and re-learned a lot. Thoughts:

-I forgot how much laundry newborns dirty up. Newborn + toddler...I should be investing in a giant energy efficient washer, a clothesline, and Charlie's Soap stock. And a laundress...

-I also forgot how much newborns sleep. Not on my schedule, but they do sleep. A LOT.

-Watching Dmitri grow has brought many tears of happiness, and of course, a tinge of sadness at the reality of how quickly it goes by. But with Damon, I think there are double the tears, because I really KNOW how fast life passes.

-Along those lines, don't get me wrong. I enjoyed Dmitri as a baby. But, I think that I am cherishing Damon's newborn stage even more. I am loving every minute of having him in our family. Even at three in the morning, when he is staring at me with bright eyes. I cannot help but smile. Because I know that this too shall pass. And all too quickly.

-I am mystified by how I have such big babies. Damon is about 12 lbs. at one-month-old. I think it's strange, since I am naturally a tiny person. What's up with that? I kind of wish that they would stay little...just a little bit longer! Damon is already out-growing his 0-3 months clothes. My little newborn is gone (although, starting at 8 lbs. he was never THAT little). But of course, I am happy that they are so healthy.

-Dmitri is in full-fledged Tasmanian toddler mode. That's an adventure, and we are trying to manage tantrums and a lot of energy! He is becoming more verbal, but I wish he could communicate his wants a little bit more effectively. I think that would solve a lot of frustration! But, it's also an exciting stage. He is so much fun to play with, and he is so happy and silly (most of the time).

-Taking photos of two under two together- next to impossible. Which makes me a little sad...I want to capture the memories of how sweet Dmitri is with his little brother. Always wanting to hold him, kiss him, and point out his nose, mouth, eyes, and toes. Any photo tips or ideas?

In other news, as you can tell, I have a working computer! It took several days to fix ours, and in that time, David decided it was finally time to replace my computer that broke several months ago. It's fantastic to have a "computer of my own" again. And did I mention it's a MAC. Love that thing. Hopefully it will enable me to do some fun things for the blog. Get excited. I am!


Gina said...

Oh they are so beautiful! Even with airborn sand everywhere! Hehe happy Easter and congrats on your new Mac! <3

Mary Nevin said...

so glad you got your computer fixed!! those pictures of your babies are so sweet( well maybe sweet isn't the best word for throwing sand..but still..) you serve as such a good reminder to why being present in the moment is in itself the greatest gift. i admire your perspective and your words so very much. i'm glad to see you are cherishing the tiring jump from one to two babies.

CourtneyKeb said...

Totally know what you mean about cherishing the second one's newborn days a little more than the first.

I think you just know how it goes plus how fast it flies so it's importannt to us to soak them up a little better.

He's a handsome guy with some piercing eyes!

Sarah said...

Such good pictures! I know what you mean about appreciating and enjoying a second baby more than the first. I've often thought that when we have a second baby, I'll be more relaxed and more able to go with the flow and enjoy it all. Once you've had one, you do know how fast it all goes by!

calikas said...

I can't believe its already been a month!! Good to hear you are cherishing every moment.

I have worked with young kids a lot, and I have found that communication comes in many ways, try communicating with him in other ways instead of words, like sign language, body language, art projects/pictures etc. It may be a challenge, but it might help you guys with the terrible 2's syndrom.

Emily said...

I relate to all of this! My boys are 26 months apart and are now 1 and 3. They are SO SWEET together now- and photos of them together are totally possible (sometimes).

Jacinda said...

What gorgeous children! You are very blessed. This was such a heartfelt and wonderful post.

Mama Gone Green said...

I am totally relating to the days with the second babe going by even faster. And after Finn I knew we would have a second, but we probably wont have a third... so I am constantly teary eyed trying to cherish my "last ever" baby moments. So wonderful yet so fleeting....