Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Project That Never Ends...

Yes, it goes on and on my friends...

Re-upholstering my sofa, that is. I am almost embarrassed to say when I started this insane project. (And did I mention that I have zero re-upholstery experience and knowledge? I thought circular needles were for stitching people up, not sofas.) But yes, the beginning takes us back to the week before Thanksgiving. (Stupid, stupid, timing to rip a sofa apart. Especially if hosting the Thanksgiving meal for your in-laws for the first time). It's been five months. And that's as long as I don't count from the procuring of the sofa, which would be, gulp, a year ago.

This project goes in waves of excitement, determination, and pure DIY-will power. Quickly followed by frustration and repeatedly kicking the darn thing, which settles into a stage of ignoring it's existence. I then take a look at those pretty little white feet on it, and fall in love all over again. And we've got a life cycle.

But as I frequently mutter unconvincingly to myself, it will all be worth it in the end. I hope. At the very least, I will have learned something, surely. Even if it's just along the lines of, never start a major project before the holidays or while 5 months pregnant, or when you don't know what the heck you are doing.

Here is the sofa as it stands today:

 In Progress

 Damon is there for moral support. (And I couldn't move a sleeping newborn just for a crappy photo!)

 DIY Baby

Pure Sweetness

So I'm stapling and sewing away. And maybe in another five months or so, I will have it finished! (Ok, really hoping before then.) 

Have you ever started a project that has taken forever to finish? Or have you been over your head or chosen crazy timing to delve into a massive undertaking?


René said...

Looks like you have a diy-er in training :) AND yes, I have a project that has taken forever too only mine is a chair. The hardest part has been removing the old upholstery. Yuck!


Hannah Jacklyn said...

1. I had forgotten about the song that never ends...and now it will be in my head all day.

2. Yes, i only seem to be able to take on projects when they are A. over my head and/or B. started at a bad time.

Kara said...'ll get it done eventually!! I have faith!! What you've done so far looks really good! :-) Good luck!

Elz @House Pour said...

I feel you! We have a table that we've been working on slowly since January. It's been one wrong move after another. We wanted to sand it all down, our hands hurt so we switched to a stripper, but the stripper messed up the wood, so we painted the base, then the danish oil made the top go orange, and we're still trying to fix that. I get very bitter with that damn table!!!

Sarah said...

Oh my gosh, he's so cute! I think as long as you just keep a cute baby on the couch it will look great :)

Clandestine Road said...

Me too. This lovely buffet my mother bought me at a yard sale has been a thorn in my flesh.

Maybe if you think of it as a metaphor, it won't feel so daunting?

michelle said...

I commend your for doing it and it will look beautiful! I would have given up but with moral support like that I think that you will get it done soon. :) He is so sweet. :)I looks great so far my dear.

Hey Laurel NM said...

Sofa is perfect!! No need to redo when you have a supercute sleeping baby on it, that makes the sofa look great.
Yes, I always take on more than I can do. Then when it is finished, I secretly say to myself, well if I want to change it I now know how. (I did this with a pair of bedroom chairs, did one and then the other one sat halfway done for 6 months, so finally I just took 5 days and finished, (now, I am not pregnant and don't have a cute small baby....)
Take it slow, it will get there.
No rushing.

Can't wait to see it finished.

Amanda @ Little House on the Corner said...

This isn't the first horror story I've heard about reupholstering furniture, but I must say I admire your determination! I'm sure it will look fantastic when it's all done. On the other hand, Damon is adorable! :)

elizabethripleyhorn said...

I feel like every project takes me forever to complete and I always have a list of a 100 other things I want to do. I don't know if there really is good timing. With four kids, my house is constantly busy!