Tuesday, June 14, 2011

What's In Your Fridge: Emerald Cove Reveals

Today is Day 1 of:

Michelle of the sea-worthy blog, Emerald Cove , shares with her readers her beautiful shore inspired home and life with her family. And today, Michelle is sharing with us her darkest secrets that reside in the depths of her refrigerator. (ok, it's not that scary... ; ) Here is is a peek it to Michelle's fridge and food life-style:


Describe your diet in five words or less:

- Easy, fast, healthy-ish

What food could you not live without?

-I could not live without pasta

What is the scariest item in your refrigerator?

-The scariest item in my frig is the garlic that has been in there for as long as I can remember. At least I think it was garlic. :)

What food is your guilty (or not so guilty) pleasure?

-Guilty-ish pleasure is chips and cheese with sour cream and salsa!! YUM!!'

Any random food thoughts you would like to share:

-I would like to be healthier but I think that I would need a chef for that.  I try, but usually we are so busy and while I like to cook, it is not my favorite.  Oh and I despise grocery shopping so that doesn't help with preparing meals.

Thanks Michelle for sharing your food with us!


Simone @ Doberman's by the Sea said...

A fresh and clean fridge like the rest of her beautiful home. And look at that healthy food, too.

Karena said...

Caroline thanks so much for featuring Michelle. very brave. I don't think I want to take a photo of my frig right now! :)

Art by Karena

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michelle said...

Thanks for doing this, this was fun and I can't wait to see more refrigerators! :)

Cynthia@BeachCoastStyle said...

Michelle you have some yummy stuff in there! Is that lemonade or mojito drink mix? :)

Amanda LaMartina said...

With you on the hatred of grocery shopping. I'm actually supposed to be at the store right now... guess we're having cereal for every meal again tomorrow.

Oh shoot.

We have no more milk.

michele said...

this could just as easily be my frig. healthy-ish! yep! chips and cheese and sour cream and salsa. right on, michelle.

what a totally fun post.


Jenni said...

I love that you featured Michelle! And that is one clean and organized refrigerator!
But I am not surprised because her home is equally clean and organized~ not to mention gorgeous! :)

Have a wonderful night!