Tuesday, July 5, 2011

What's In Your Fridge? Making It Lovely

I am very excited to share the final "What's In Your Fridge?" guest from one of my favorite blogs, Making it Lovely. Nicole made me fall in love with pink after years of a tumultuous relationship, mostly siding on dislike. Her house is truly an inspiration (and she has some seriously cute kids with awsome names). And here is a peek into her fridge....

Describe your diet in five words or less:
-Not bad, could be better.
What food could you not live without?
- Peanut butter. And chocolate. Preferably together.

What is the scariest item in your refrigerator? 
- We threw out a bag of shredded lettuce this morning that had liquified. Ew.

What food is your guilty (or not so guilty) pleasure?
- I have a love of chocolate milk. I tell myself that at least I'm getting some nutrition out of it, so it's not complete junk food, but it really isn't that good to drink. So much sugar!
Thank you Nicole for sharing your fridge contents with us!
All good things must come to an end, and I'm sad to see the series go; I've had fun looking into everyone's fridges. But, there are more exciting things to come...Hope everyone had a great Fourth.


This Farm Family's Life said...

I have really enjoyed this! Thanks.

Alisa said...

Seriously, isn't that THE best marinara sauce?

I use it as my go-to when I don't make my own. It is especially good when I make my braciole for company.

Jen @ RamblingRenovators said...

How great that Nicole participated! She's one of my fave bloggers too. Great series, Caroline.