Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Last First Day

I cannot begin to tell you how much all of your encouraging comments meant to me. Life has been rough and tumble around here. But things are looking up. A lot of the changes that we have been implementing are definitely helping. However, we are still in transition and I think it will take a little while for our schedule to actually run smoothly.

Today is my very LAST first day of classes! It's hard to believe that my days as an undergraduate student are nearly to an end. I have a few mixed feelings about it, but mostly, I am very, very, very glad to be graduating this December.

My schedule is pretty light. I only need 3 electives to graduate, and I must say, I am incredibly excited about taking "Anthropology of Eating". UM, yes please. What better class can there be for a foodie like myself? The only downside I can see is that it's scheduled at lunchtime. I might have to bring a snack.


Katie Olthoff said...

Today is my last day of summer. :( i go back tomorrow and I'm ot looking forward to it. I hope life calms down for you a bit! I know it can be stressful, especially without sleep!

Clandestine Road said...

What the awesome?! I've love that class.

Happy home stretch!


Curly-T said...

I just have to laugh that your Anthropology of Eating class is over lunch. That's just awesome!

Good luck as you finish up your undergraduate studies.

Give your two adorable little boys head rubs from a blog follower - they are too cute!

Christy said...

Caroline what an accomplishment!! You should do a happy dance. Just to see this is so encouraging. You go girl!

Unknown said...

Hi there!
Popped in to say what wonderful images you have and your baby is awesome!
(I wish I'd had one, but at 47, and no place to put 'the bun' anymore, I can enjoy via photos ;)
Found you via Southern Comfort,by the way!

Sarah said...

Hey Caroline! I sent you a message on Formspring but then realized I probably don't have any information linked to that! I'm the one who redid a pedestal table and was linking to you for credit. :)