Saturday, December 17, 2011

Christmas at our Home

Finals and graduating right before Christmas left little time to spend decorating. But in between studying, I managed to take a couple of breaks to play Christmas music, bake cookies, and decorate our house a little. It just wouldn't feel like Christmas without some of my favorite holiday traditions. (And if you live in the South, than you know that it really hasn't felt like Christmas with this 70 degree weather. But I'm sure not complaining!) This year was especially fun since Dmitri enjoyed taking part in decorating the tree for the first time and he loves "Kissmas songs!" Damon is also enraptured with the tree, although, he is more interested in un-decorating the tree and throwing the ornaments. But that is just a part of the magic and fun of enjoying the holidays with little ones!

 Our 10 foot $5 dollar Christmas tree. (Lowe's had a $5 section in the back). I purchased the ornaments and topper for less than $20 last year after Christmas. All ornaments are shatterproof and kid-friendly. = )

Damon's first Christmas ornament

 Our mantle with four stockings.
Our front door...Boxwood wreath from Target last year for $10.

The back door. I just added some leftover ornaments to a plain wreath.

And we are counting down till Christmas with the advent calender that I made last year!

 It's feeling very merry, and we spent next to nothing (I think only the tree...) We try to keep the holidays simple, inexpensive, stress-free, and fun, and I think it really does make it the most wonderful time of the year.


Unknown said...

Very pretty! I haven't had finals to study for and have yet to put up the tree tonight! Glad to see you back!

Sarah said...

Your decorations are lovely, and a big congrats on your graduation too!

bron @ baby space said...

Congratulations on graduating! Yay for you! And v nice Chrissie décor too -- awesome bargains you nabbed there. We buy a real tree every year. They go for no less than $60 AUD (gulp).

Rixa said...

I wanted to say congrats on graduating. I like your bucket Advent calendar. I still haven't made one yet and am looking for ideas for next year. Too late for this year!

Rachel said...

I'm in awe! Love your advent calender too. :)

Mama Gone Green said...

cute decorations and good bargains! happy holidays!

Kristen said...

love your decorations! but i think i love the yellow front door the most! :)

JPeaslee said...

First off, I am loving the mantle. Second, I gotta say, I'm a little surprised you didn't grow and chop down your own Christmas tree. ;)

Happy holidays! Tell David I said hi!

The Single Nester said...

I just love the window with the ornaments over your fireplace.