Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Sowing seeds.

This week I started seeds for my garden; it's the first year I've ever started from seeds. I have planted small gardens in the past that haven't gone so well. This year, I decided to go for it. I may have gone a little crazy with the seed catalog....

Dmitri loved helping plant the seeds.

He got especially excited when he saw the watermelon seeds.

I planted the seeds in these little cups made from newspaper, with a handy paper Potmaker that I borrowed from friends. I saw the idea of starting seeds in a Rubbermaid container from Pinterest (naturally). It's like a $7 greenhouse that's lightweight and moveable- perfect just in case our Georgia summer spring surprises us with a cool snap. (It's been in the upper 80's this week!)
I started:

tomatoes (Beefsteak, Pink German, Homestead, Moneymaker, and A Grappoli D'Inverno)
peppers (Quadrato D'asti Rosso Pepper)
okra (Stelley)
watermelon (Moon and Stars)
melons (Kansas and Charentais)
yellow crookneck squash (Early Golden Summer)
lettuce (Henderson's Black Seed, Lollo Rossa, Red Romaine and Merveille des Quatre Saisons)
carrots (Amarillo)
cucumber (Solly Beiler and Suyo Long)
eggplant (Aswad and Black Beauty)
broccoli (Waltham 29)
and a few flowers too!
Send happy growing thoughts my way. I need them.

What are you planting this year? Anything new or exciting? Any new gardeners like me?


CourtneyKeb said...

Gardening overwhelms me. My husband and I have attempted and failed at a vegetable garden twice. I think our biggest problem is over-striving. We always plant SO much and then get overwhelmed with pests or certain plant sensitivities or spacing or WEEDS!!!! This year I'm just nurturing the perennials in my flower beds, and hopefully next spring when I'm not pregnant and won't melt in our South Louisiana heat then we can give the veggies another go on a smaller scale.

Curly-T said...

Stevia? Really!? I mean, I knew it was an "all natural plant" but had no idea you could grow it yourself....
We've got a garden all tilled, I'm saving toilet paper tubes to start my seeds, but living in NW Iowa, we need to wait a bit longer to get things outside.
Good luck!

Clandestine Road said...

Sweet. I'm excited to learn about this way of planting with a portable green house. I love your list. Kale's my favorite.

Jillian said...

I kill everyone I try to plant. However, it is a dream of mine to have a garden, perhaps one day my thumb will turn green =)

Cate said...

Oh, I am so jealous! We planted a garden last year with plants from the farmers' market, but I know starting from seeds would be so much cheaper. I love that portable greenhouse idea. We're way behind on our garden this year, unfortunately...having a newborn has thrown us off. We need to get into the backyard and clear out some leaves, put up some chicken wire, and get things ready!

Mama Gone Green said...

Fun! Isn't that initially planting so exciting??
We normally do everything from seed except our tomatoes and peppers... but last year we had so much rain in June that most of our squash didn't grow. So, this year, we may buy squash starts as well.
Happy gardening!

tearinguphouses said...

every year i swear i'm going to do this and then never get to it!

i've managed a few windowsill gardens from seeds and they were so much fun. but! i always ended up murdering them all after a while...