Friday, April 6, 2012

This Week in Photos: April 6th (and a sneak peak of our newest furry family member!)

 I guess I must have a green thumb!
Dmitri loves his chickens. He talks to them and feeds them.

 We got a dog this week! His name is Pongo, and he is precious. He'll get his own post soon. Here he is taking a nap after adoption day.
 I wanted to have a cute oil bottle for my dish soap, but didn't want to buy one. So, I took this Bombay Blue sapphire bottle that I've had for a while and got the oil drizzle top for $2.50. = )
Damon loves to play in the cabinets!

My friend has 3 baby goats that are just a couple days old. I got to see them last night, and the cuteness is unbearable. Spring is definitely here. Happy Easter!


Mama Gone Green said...

A dog! How fun!! Happy weekend!

naturally crafted mama said...

Congrats on the new furry addition! he's adorable. great idea for the soap dispenser!

::The Beetle Shack:: said...

Happy easter to your and yours!

Lovely to have found you!

xo em