Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The End of School Days

Dmitri's last day of Montessori school for the summer is coming up all too quickly (next week!). He loves going to school, and I love him going to school too. Even though it's only 2 mornings a week, it makes a big difference in his energy level. He enjoys his friends, and working and playing in a new environment. He loves to "go". Anytime, anywhere- and his school is a positive outlet for him. And I enjoy a half-break (although, days with Damon are less and less of a break- more like chasing after a climbing crazy wild man.)

I'm a little unsure what we are going to do without it these long, hot, summer days. I bought an extra big blow-up swimming pool today; so we will give that a try! What are your boredom-busting ideas for toddlers? (I know, I just used the "B" word. Sigh. As hard as I try to keep it out of our vocabulary, it manages to slither it's way back in, usually when Dmitri and Damon are constantly hitting/pushing/wrestling over the same toy when they have 50 million others at their grasp. Oh, first world problems).

Summer, here we come. I wish I were a little more excited...


Almost Precious said...

It's impossible, unfortunately, to keep an active, healthy tot preoccupied every waking moment. The best one can do is try to fill in as many of the gaps as possible.

Try getting together with a few other mommies and make play-dates where one mom has a few of the tots for a couple of hours one day and the play-date rotates from one mom to another. Have things for the tots to do during those play-dates such as simple arts or crafts projects ... maybe a hidden treasure hunt (like finding Easter eggs) or just sitting them down to watch a wonderful video with popcorn and their favorite beverages.
Also many libraries and even major book stores occasionally have story times in which a person reads a wonderful story book to a group of youngsters, it also helps the children appreciate the wonderful world of books.

Katie Olthoff said...

oh, I feel your pain. Adam gets lonely/bored, too. Find another stay at home mom you love and hang out!

Heidi said...

I have a 3 and 4 year old. We go to the park at least twice a day (lucky to live in the city with lots of great ones). Craft projects, "gardening" (aka digging in the dirt), u-pick farms, lemonade stands, Vacation Bible School, camping, and some visits to out-of-state family are some of our summer plans. I'm actually looking forward to it! Hang in there--those years are tough.

Anonymous said...

I get it... I have three beauties ages 6 and under. We do pool, parks, playdates, crafts ( current favorite craft book- green crafts for kids), library reading challenge, mud-kitchen in the back yard, planted a children's garden, board games (sew liberated blog just posted a great post on cooperative board games for littles your age), plan to make snoopy sno cones, and the list goes on...

We sat down together as a family earlier this week and made a summer fun list to help remind me of fun activities for those harder, siblings bickering days to help keep us positive.

You are creative, I bet you'll come up with some great ideas! Just make sure to share them with us on the blog! :)

Jaimealexis at me dot com