Monday, September 17, 2012


Today marks a month since Dmitri began getting sick, with Damon following right behind- what seemed like a minor cold has turned into a very long-lasting, little-body wracking, vomit-inducing cough. So bad, in fact, that I succumbed to giving him his first antibiotic. Which, did nothing. And made me annoyed that I gave it to him in the first place. But, I digress. I can at least say that I have tried everything. The doctor was ambiguous about what it could be. It could be pertussis; it could be any number of atypical micro-plasmas or bacteria. Evidently it's going around, and he's seen a lot of it lately. He wasn't the least bit worried, but he said, "they will probably cough for a very long time."

What he didn't say is that I wouldn't sleep for a month and counting. That I wouldn't be able to leave the house for weeks and weeks, except for necessities, and occasionally trying to venture to a park (or this past weekend, the zoo...which involved throwing up in public multiple times.) That I would be isolated for days on end. That my clothes would smell of vomit. And that I would feel lonely and depressed. That I would miss play dates. That I might have to take Dmitri out of school since he has missed nearly a month of it- which we have still had to paid for. That I would cry. That I would wonder, "how long will this last..."

It's been really hard. Especially for someone who get's so easily stir crazy, like myself

Hugs. Covered in cloud dough.

But it hasn't all been bad. The littles are in great spirits. They play and explore so happily together, like Lewis and Clark, Calvin and Hobbes, Christopher & Pooh. It's really precious, and I feel unbelievably lucky to have little boys that are best friends.

We have made the most of our quiet time at home by starting our Christmas elving. We tried Kool-Aid dyeing, which was a lot of fun. Dmitri is begging to do it again. We made and played with cloud dough. And I think homemade play dough will be on the list for this week. We listen to a lot of music. And read. And snuggle. And it's the perfect excuse to get a new book, or two.

This too shall pass, eventually. It's just another chapter in my life as a mom.


LA said...

My son has had the coughs as well. Bad. We've had a change in weather so I think it may be due to allergens in the air.
I am also super close to ridding my house of carpet. I hate it, but it came with the house... It's gross. I vacuum so much, but can't make any progress it seems... just a trap for nastiness. Hope the coughs clear up soon.

Mama Gone Green said...

So sorry to hear that you have been dealing with sickies for so long.... it drives me nutty as well when we are forced to stay home for days on end. Hope everyone gets well soon!