Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Right Now...

Right now, I am::

:: savoring a nibble of the last cookie, shared with my littles.
:: feeling proud that I fought my boredom, all day. With a dance party, outside time, and Christmas gift making.
:: browsing vanilla beans for vanilla extract making.
:: in love with the Waldorf doll I am crafting - sneak peak to come soon.
:: a little lonely.
:: enjoying the perfect weather.
:: melting over the little words I overheard today: "Damon, you are my best friend, ever!"
:: looking forward to my cousin's wedding this next weekend and getting to see family!
:: befuddled by my 3-year-old's obsession with the story of Rapunzel- what a strange story it is.
:: eagerly waiting for my fall garden to grow, more.
:: going to choose a winner of the paint give-away very soon!. If you haven't yet, leave a comment to enter!
:: laughing at Dmitri's critiques of my "hairography" during our spontaneous fighting-the-witching-hour dance party this afternoon. "No, you should do it like this....."
:: remembering why it has taken us 10 months to paint our picket fence. Still working on the second coat, slowly but surely!
 :: debating: halloween costumes - to make, or not to make.
:: wishing my first niece, Amelia, a very happy 2nd birthday!

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