Tuesday, October 16, 2012


We took a very impromptu trip to the mountains this past weekend - and it was really wonderful to get away from some of the stress that has been building here lately. David has been very busy with graduate school applications, the GRE, and his usual workaholic busy schedule. The kids and I miss him, and we are still trying to find our rhythm after being shut-ins for nearly two months.

We ate, and lounged, and felt like we watched the leaves changing before our very eyes. It was peaceful, and relaxing, and fun.
At the local Farmer's Market - such a neat place.
 Looking at pumpkins
 My little Damon-boo riding a tractor - I think this one was from 1938.
 Dmitri on the tractor
Damon was scared of a man that walked up. It was pretty hilarious.
 This kid loves BBQ.
 He love cones.

and coffee. There's always coffee.

Back to real, messy, life. I wonder how I can make every day feel more like this weekend....


rory said...

Thanks for sharing your weekend with me. Loved seeing everyone, reading the comments, etc.

CourtneyKeb said...

Adorable photos of your youngest indulging. Love those!!

Christy said...

Beautiful pictures of your lovely day-get-away!!

Kim said...

Looks like a great weekend.

Mama Gone Green said...

Glad you got a little get away!

kelly said...

the cutest eaters EVER!