Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Christmas Photo & Year in Review 2012

Because I have been camera-less the last few months, I used this photo that I took in October for our holiday photo. It's not what I had planned for my holiday photo, but I do love how it captures Dmitri & Damon.

Now, a little side-note about printing photos. I was ordering a couple holiday gifts from a popular photo site, and I went ahead and ordered the prints from them while I was at it (they were "on sale"). Well, I received them, and the quality was terrible. The colors were muted, the details were blurred, and I was generally very disappointed in how they turned out. So much so, that I definitely didn't want to send them out. (I worked hard to capture a good photo of my boys, why would I want to send out a bad copy?!) I needed to order some other prints for another holiday project, so I re-ordered the prints from my absolute favorite site- Mpix.com . A side-by-side comparison is pretty unbelievable. I will not make this mistake again, just order from the best to begin with!

This is absolutely not sponsored by any company, just sharing my experience. For someone who is picky about photo quality, Mpix is where it is at.

And then, I also made our little "Year in Review" Christmas letter. I'm sure you've seen them on Pinterest. I made my own using Microsoft Word. It was a lot of fun, and I like the non-traditional take on Christmas letters.

Do you send out holiday cards or letters? How do you like to do it?


Rixa said...

I just ordered from MPix for the first time and reading your recommendation makes me glad I did.

Now I need to actually take the time to really learn how to use my camera!

Corinne said...

MPix, eh? Thanks for the recommendation, I've been wanting to print some pictures but couldn't decide where to get them done! Merry Christmas to you guys!

Christy said...

This update letter is perfect in so many ways. #1: for family out of town & #2 as a personal record.

ShanaM said...

Love the Christmas letter!!!

I make my own Christmas cards using photos-most people love them!!