Monday, December 3, 2012

Mama Elf's Workshop

Kool-aid dyed playsilks. Tutorial.

 Felt in progress- cut and ready for assembly for a scarf applique and play food.

The pieces for a fabric book, to be ironed. Inspired by.
Ready to sew.
Compiling photos for some photo projects, ordering prints, listening to a Christmas station on Pandora, thinking about wrapping ideas, waiting on a couple of Amazon orders, browsing stockings on eBay, to write or not to write a Christmas letter,  all currently going on in Mama Elf's workshop. A busy elf, is a happy elf- at least in this house.

Are you busy with holiday crafting? I must say, I'm so excited about my attempts at a handmade holiday.


Mama Gone Green said...

I made dyed silks last year (well, Santa did) and they were a huge hit! Love that book idea!!

Jaime said...

Caroline, I find this post so inspiring and just what I needed to see! Good for you- aspiring for a homemade Christmas! I've had similar projects brew'in in my noggin and now I think you post gave me the boost that I needed. From one Mama Elf to another, "THANKS!"
Jaime from Colorado