Friday, January 25, 2013

Homeschool Days

Dmitri, who is 3.5, absolutely loves to read books. For hours. And hours. And Damon likes to join us, and when he gets bored he'll go play for a minute or two on his own, and then come back and read some more.

As I've considered different pre-school options and curriculum, I wanted most of all to follow my little ones' cues and interests. This had led me to procure a library card at our local library, and to create a book list of quality reading for pre-schoolers. Weekly, we've been going to the library and checking out  a stack of books. The little ones love it.  I love it almost as much as they do. And it's nice that I don't have to read the entire "If You Give a Mouse a Cookie" Treasury multiple times per week.

And while I hope to incorporate some art projects, field trips, and other exploratory and hands on activities as a part of our little homeschool pre-school, reading makes up the bulk of it right now (of course, we also do our circle time, and our daily/weekly household activities- bread-baking, cooking, gardening, etc).

As I was thinking of a way to chronicle our readings, I decided a photo might be best of all for now. And so from time to time, I will post a peak into our little homeschool.

These are the books we read this week (many, many times each).

Dmitri's favorite: Winter Days In the Big Woods (adapted from Laura Ingalls Wilder).
Damon's favorite: First the Egg by Seeger
Mama's favorite: Owl Moon by Jane Yolen

But really, all of them were wonderful.


Jillian said...

Awesome! I highly recommend the book "Honey For a Child's Heart" for a fantastic age categorized list of children's literature!

Corinne said...

When I was a kid, we went to the library every week and I checked out around 30 books for myself - all of which I read by the next library visit. Reading is the best. So glad you get to live that home school experience with your boys and that they have your love of reading. I think my favorites for a long time were the Angelina Balleria books and a mystery series about a Mallard duck who was a detective...

Mama Gone Green said...

First the egg is a favorite around here!

Adri @ A Yellow Bicycle said...

My mom used to make weekly trips to the library with me and my siblings. It was one of the highlights of our week! One of my brother's favorite books when he was little is called "Airplane." It's a simple little book that goes through the process of flying in a plane.

We also LOVED the Billy and Blaze series, but it's more suited to older children (probably ages 7-12?).