Friday, March 29, 2013

Happy Easter

Wishing you a very happy Easter weekend!
Here are some shots from our Easter photo shoot a couple weeks ago.
All photos taken by me with my Nikon D7000 & f/1.8 35mm & 50mm lenses.

Our Easter bunny will leave a jelly bean trail to Easter baskets filled with books, art supplies, and pez dispensers (an Easter tradition when I was a child!)

MarshmallowFirst the EggModeling BeeswaxLeft-Handed Scissors (for my TWO left-handed children), Glue sticks, & Hello Kitty Pez dispensers (by request).

Happy Spring!!!


Mama Gone Green said...

They are SO cute!!

Carrie's Catchall Cachepot said...

Cute! Happy Easter :)

Sarra said...

Do you use autofocus? There's a moment (in the 3rd from the last picture) that would have been lost because it was probably a split second, but I feel the focus is on the grass instead of the boys. Perhaps setting the lens focus manually with a higher aperture could 'secure' the distance in focus and you could just wait for the perfect moment to snap?

I'd love to hear about your approach, as I'm only an amateur myself. :)