Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Laundry x 3 - An Ikea Rast Makeover

I gave you an iPhone in-progress photo of the laundry basket dresser that is seriously changing my day-to-day life. It's actually allowed me to stay up on washing, drying, folding, and dare, I say it, putting away the clean clothes. This is a first. I have wondered for several years now how people keep up with laundry (I think I could write my own rendition of Loretta Lynn and Conway Twitty, and it would go..."Every time I get ahead, it's taking off another dirty shirt....").

Well, now I know the secret. You have to find an organization system that works for you and your laundry needs, and then have a little bit of diligence. This revelation came just in time, too, since we will have a third little one's clothes to add to the mix any day! Now that I have all of these neatly folded clean clothes, we needed a place to put them.

So we picked up 3 Rast dressers from Ikea, which look like this:

And I gave them a little makeover. Now they are housing THREE little ones' clothes.

I really like how accessible they are to little ones; Dmitri and Damon put away all of their own clothes when we fold laundry together. Dmitri has been dressing himself for a while now, and this little dresser makes it super easy for him to get his clothes.

They were reasonably priced and they are solid wood. However, they are pretty small, so as the children grow, we will probably have to find something a bit bigger. But for now, they are perfect.

Dressers x 3 - Ikea Rast dresser - $34.99 each
Knobs - Hobby Lobby (18 knobs cost me $30 with tax)
Stain - Minwax Dark Walnut (leftover)

I also put a beeswax polish on top. I originally planned to paint the light wood part bright yellow, but now I am second guessing myself - I really like the wood on wood tone. I will give it a little bit more time and decide. (Opinions?)

The wall above these dressers is the last uncharted territory in the playroom. More playroom photos will be coming soon; I'm ridiculously excited about how it's turning out.

And there is still time to guess whether dresser # 3 will be housing little boy or little girl clothes!


mary said...

oh my! those turned out awesome. i really like the tone on tone with the pops of color coming from the knobs. understated and super cute! can't wait to see the rest of the room.

i'm due with my third in june, so i've been enjoying all your projects.

Mama Gone Green said...

They look fabulous. You are so creative! Can't wait to meet the 3rd little!!