Sunday, November 2, 2008

A Cup of Tea

It's a cold (in southern terms) November Sunday, and Ana and I are up at 6:30 AM, as usual. Now that its colder, she sleeps curled up on top of me at night, which is fine for now (she clocks in at 30 lbs.) but when you add an extra 50 to that, we might have to find another arrangement for her.

She's growing so fast, becoming more attentive and obedient- for the most part. She is still chewing on shoes and has occasional accidents in the house. = ( I just have to remember- though she's big, she's still a little baby! Her cutest antic at the moment is how she curls up in our lazy boy recliner - its adorable!

Work is going well for David and I. The holiday season is approaching, and though the economy is slowing the volume down a lot, work will be increasingly busier these next few weeks. (Love it!)

I started my holiday shopping last week! I become much like a sneaky elf this time of year- full of secrets and surprises.. and I've been told that David and I look much like an elf couple.

OoooOOoo...I just can't wait. Hehe.

Love to all of you! Keep in touch.

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