Wednesday, December 3, 2008

And then they were three...

David and I are excited, thankful, and blessed to share that we are having a baby! Our first holidays together have been filled with even more excitement as we venture on this new journey together. We've been asked frequently, "was this planned?" And David's response is always, "not by us, but it doesn't mean it wasn't planned." = )

I'm almost ten weeks along now, and due on July 4th, 2009. Our first ultrasound was this past week, and what an amazing and emotional experience to see such a tiny baby (not quite an inch), its little arms and legs, and to hear and see the heart beating! I never realized how early the heart starts beating! If life ends when the heart stops, does is not begin when it starts?

I'm sure we will have more to share as we continue on this new path in life, but as for now we are reveling in the miracle of life and the excitement of new beginnings.

With love,

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