Wednesday, December 31, 2008

The Highlights

It's exhilarating and overwhelming to think of all the change that has happened in the last year...


January 08- I made the KSU Competitive Dance Team...fell in love with it and worked my butt off.

February 08- LEGAL.

March 08- Danced at NDA Nationals in Daytona Beach; went snowboarding in Vail, CO; spent a week in Memphis, TN

April 08- I began working at Anthropologie and David and I started talking about marriage

May 08- I spent a week at the beach where David "officially" proposed. I completed my last semester at Kennesaw State.

June 08- Got married. Honeymooned in Boone, NC.
David's brother Joel got married two weeks before us.

July 08- Spent Fourth of July at my parents; packed my apartment in Kennesaw and moved to Athens; began working at Helix in Athens;

August 08- Started classes at UGA; David began working at Papa John's

September 08- David quit his job at Papa John's and began looking for a job as a barista.
Our family grew; we adopted Anastasia!

October 08- Got pregnant! (Also, David began working for Starbucks)

November 08- Spent Thanksgiving in Atlanta with David's siblings, Tennessee with my family, and Boone, NC with David's grandparents

December 08- Completed our first semester at UGA; Spent a wonderful Christmas in Athens; Worked a lot through the holiday season

2009- WOW. The possibilities. Becoming a parent. Being a SENIOR in college..Moving? Who can foretell. Hopefully it will be a peaceful year, though I'm sure it will be just as full of excitement and surprises.

Hope all of you have a wonderful and blessed year and party and enjoy life! Who know's what the next year will hold!


Jillian said...

whew...what a year!!! 2009 will be just as fun and'll be a mom!!! how exciting! Happy New Year!

The Parker's said...

That certainly was a busy year! Maybe 2009 will slow down a bit for you! Hope all is going well for you two and that you are enjoying the last few days before school starts back!

Happy New Year,

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