Saturday, June 13, 2009

37 weeks!

It's official: no chance of pre-term labor!

It's a relief to know that he is free to come when he's ready; and mommy is hoping for sooner rather than later...(and mommy is driving David crazy too...)!The amazing spread - Deborah made the adorable "diaper cake" centerpiece!

We had a wonderful baby shower hosted by David's parents and sister and sister-in-law. It was great to see so many people- many of whom we haven't seen since our wedding (or before!). My family came down to Atlanta for the shower, and we then spent some time with them in North Carolina (where we got married nearly a year ago!) David's grandparents and aunt came from North Carolina, and it was wonderful to see them too! We've gotten some really cute things for Dmitri, and we've had fun organizing them and getting our apartment ready for his arrival.At the spot where we got married; 35 1/2 weeks pregnant.

We now feel as if everything is ready, and we are merely waiting for the little prince's arrival! = ) Some of us more patiently, than others! We have a stack of freshly washed cloth diapers folded and waiting, and a wonderful doula will be attending the labor and birth.

Hopefully the next post will be an announcement!

Impatiently waiting,

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