Friday, June 26, 2009

39 weeks...

So, I'm 39 weeks pregnant! I've been having contractions on and off and a lot of pressure and cramping...but no baby yet. = / At my last visit, I was 1 cm only 9 to go, right? = )

We are in "any day now" mode, and I'm pretty over it. I have heard women talk about how much they just "loved" being pregnant...why??? I don't get it! David has been teasing me that the reason I haven't gone into labor yet is because of a mental block, saying, "You just love being pregnant so much you don't want to let go of him..." Yeah right. = ) I do believe I just might say "good riddance" the first time I see him! In all seriousness, I am incredibly excited to finally be able to see and hold this little mystery, though not being pregnant will be nice too!

The temperature has steadily hovered around 100 + degrees for the past several weeks - which I normally wouldn't mind. HAH. But not at nine months pregnant.

Sharon and Andres and Neal and Deborah (David's sister, her boyfriend, David's brother, and sister-in-law, respectively) have visited us in Athens this week - and we had a wonderful time with them. It really cheered me up (as I've been moping quite a bit lately), and was a nice change of pace for David as well. My dad also came down for a night, and we enjoyed driving around Athens and looking at houses. Both David and I feel so blessed to have such a supportive family, and Dmitri will be so lucky to have such awesome aunts, uncles, and grandparents!

David and I will be celebrating our one-year wedding anniversary this Sunday (I'm defrosting the top layer of our wedding cake!) Perhaps we will have an anniversary gift??

It won't be much longer... !

Awaiting the arrival of our love-child,

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