Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Back to School

We have reached mid-week of our second week back to school. It's proving to be interesting thus far. We are each taking two classes on campus and then some online classes, as well.

So far I have...

-pulled a Chinese fire drill in the middle of rush hour traffic
-gotten a text message asking me to leave class because Dmitri was "really really hungry"
-skipped class after only getting three hours of sleep: an hour at a time
-forgotten to eat breakfast every morning (I'm pretty big on breakfast, usually.)
-driven David to work at 5 AM when he overslept
-gone three days without showering, and still went to class. twice.
-NOT waddled around (that's one relief!)
-hugged my textbooks a keep my milk from letting down in class (my classmates must think I love my books..a little too much.)

The joys of student mothering...

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